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You're wondering about the taxi service in Jamaica? The Jamaica Taxi Service is suitable for group and private transfers from Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica, excursions and excursions to hotels, resorts and beaches. Travelling through Jamaica via the Route Taxis The best way to explore Jamaica (JA) is to use a taxi, and I poison those who say they are insecure. They are not only secure, but also a great way to get to know the true Jamaica and get to know the local population. As I know, many boards suggest taking privately owned (chartered) cabs, but this is tedious and costly (US$25 - 200+ depends on location).

Routes are the right way. And what is YES without it! Is there a taxicab? Routentaxis are the most important means of transport in Jamaica. Every taxi drives a certain distance at a "set price" and collects the persons everywhere on the way.

Contrary to NYC, it's not a light-colored taxi that says: Taxi. A number of cabs also have their route/destination address imprinted on the driver's side doors. Routentaxis can be automobiles, delivery trucks or minibuses. Remember that charter cabs also have small numbers in pink and sometimes the only way to tell the difference is by the number.

Drivers charging more than $10 will probably be hired cabs, even better, if they offer you in dollar, they will be hired cabs. This article tells you how to get to the most beloved places in Jamaica by Routentaxi. We thought this was a tourism pit and checked it out after asking a native what the true price was and where to get a taxi.

As you leave the check-in, turn right towards the inland terminals (this is also the same way you would go if you wanted to take the coach, a large yellow-grey gray dog-like coach with a local flagship in front). You can take a scheduled taxi to the Bushafen i. e. Transportation Center (it's nothing unusual or relaxing. It's a very bustling and overcrowded area) in inner city Montego Bay for J$100.

You can then tell your chauffeur to set you down where you can take a scheduled taxi or minivan to Lucea for J$225. It is recommended that you choose a scheduled taxi instead of a van/bus, as it only departs when it is full and can take between 30 and 1hrs.

Take another scheduled taxi from Bushhafen to Negril for J$250 (~2.13USD). Please note: At the Bushafen in the city of Montego you will find taxi and busses to various towns. Ocho Rios, Black River and Kingston are some of the most famous places. to Treasure Beach: 3rd Taxi itinerary ( Savanna-la Mar - Black River - Treasure Beach) | Time: 2. 5 hrs | Overall Price: ~800 JMD.

Get a scheduled taxi from your hostel to the downtown area for J$130 (~US$1). You can either get off and run to the Bush Harbor (5 minute walking - good chance to get some fruit and sandwiches for your onward trip, or pick up cash from the treasure strand ATM as there are no cash machines in town) or take a taxi and charge an extra J$120.

You will find the harbour on the right hand side, behind the petrol-stop. Take a taxi southbound from the Bush Harbour to Savanna- la-Mar (J$200). Inform the rider that you want to go to the Black River and he will set you down where you can take the minibus to the Black River.

There are two ways to get to Treasure Beach from Savanna-la-Mar. Taxi to Whitehouse ? Black River ? Treasure Beach (TB). Although this is an optional way for you to take more taxis and get more money, it is the quickest way with less waittimes. In order to get to Whitehouse, exit the Bush Harbor and turn right and mark a taxi to Whitehouse (J$200- 40 mins drive ), then take another taxi to Black River for 20 minrs for J$250.

When you arrive in the Blue Valley, you will find several taxis that will take you to TB for J$250. Minibus to the White Mountain at ? Treasure Beach. Coming from Savanna Bush Harbor, take a minibus direct to the J$250 (~1h) Red Sea Bridge. Take a taxi from there to TB for J$250 for about 30 minutes.

You can also take taxis/minibuses from Savanna La Mar to Kingston (J$900); Negril, Whitehouse, Mandville, Petersfield and others. Ackee & Salfish we got for J$250. Get a scheduled taxi to the Black River for about 30 minutes (J$250). Get the cabbie to take you to Santa Cruz near the taxi road.

The Black River to Santa Cruz is 45 minutes - 1 hr drive and cost J$220. Coming from Santa Cruz, take a larger than minibus coach to Kingston. to Kingston is 2.5 hours and will cost J$600. The Kingston has a great, dependable and inexpensive transport system with large golden coaches.

Satellite buses are even on Google Map, so there is almost no need to take a taxi. To get to the international airports the best and easiest way is to take the 98 coach to Port Royal. The Blue Mountains can be reached in several ways, but no which way you go, you must first take a Kingston to Papine taxi (J$150, 45 minutes).

You can take either the New Castle (J$270, 1. 25 hours) or the Mavis Bank (J$250, 1. 5 hours) from Papine. Coming from Halfway Tree or Parade Center in Kingston you can take a minibus that goes directly to Port Antonio (PA) and costs J$450. One of Jamaica's most beautiful trips is the three-hour drive from Kingston to PA, so keep alert and experience the beautiful outdoors.

Taxi routes all start at the Texaco petrol stations in the town centre. From the Texaco petrol filling point in the centre of Port Antonio you can take a regular taxi to these places. There you can take another J$100 itinerary taxi for 15 minutes to the waterfall door.

The majority of scheduled taxi services run Mondays - Sundays (rarely Sundays) between 6 am and 7 pm. When you take a road after dusk, the cabs will sometimes demand more! If you are travelling to a location not mentioned here, ask a native what the price is to get to your location and then contact a taxi.

Routes taxes fee per capita does not include according to final destinations, so if you travel in a group, you should be expecting to be paid per capita.

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