Taxi and Private Hire

Taxis and private rentals

Our license covers the drivers and owners of taxis and private rental cars (minicabs) travelling in London. TfL Taxi & Private Hire's latest tweets (@TfLTPH). The @TfL news feed for London taxi and private rental businesses is the official @TfL feed.

Q376: Where is the distinction between taxi and private car rental?

Taxi's are mini-trucks and are allowed to collect persons from the side of the street, i.e. call a taxi. Rental private cars are only allowed to collect pre-arranged reservations and not to collect persons at the side of the street. When you have a complaints about either of the two types of car and it is not a charge, you should consult your national authorities.

Every municipality will have a section to deal with these questions. You can find more information on the website to find your nearest government agency.

Taxi and private rental vehicles

Each taxi rider is guaranteed to have a good local language skills, a good command of English and above all a secure and careful rider. What taxi is which? Our company licenses both Hackney cargo cabs and private rental cars. You' re marking a cab while you're in Bournemouth.

And they can take you anywhere in Bournemouth for a fee. Private rental car is one that you can reserve before your trip. Private rental cars cannot collect persons from the roadside. Read the detailed instructions for our taxi cabs in our guide.

In Bournemouth you can hire a taxi with disabled accessibility from these providers. Under the Equality Act 2010, municipalities are required to recognise and publicly register all disabled persons in order to facilitate disabled people's mobility. According to the recently released schedule, even those driving these cars are obliged to give extra help to travellers so that they can drive in their wheelchairs if possible.

Driving a listed car and refusing to give the necessary support may result in prosecution and suspension or revocation of your driving licence. Should you not be able to give the necessary help due to a health issue, you can request a health waiver, the request must be filled in by your physician and presented to the licence staff for review.

See the complete listing of driving tasks. What can I do to file a claim about a licensed taxi? In Bournemouth, as the approval body for taxi and private rental cars, we would like to know if you have had a concern, please do not hesitate to email us with your complaints in detail.

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