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BARTHOLOMEW: What's a charter?

Use charter in one sentence. A formal document (instrument) that creates a legal person, exemption, immunity, privilege or right. When a person or organization charters an aircraft, boat or other vehicle, they rent it for their own use. Charta is the granting of authority or rights, in which it is stated that the founder formally recognizes the recipient's prerogative to exercise the stated rights. This has become a synonym for a document that provides for the granting of rights or privileges.

Merriam charter definitions

2 (a): the granting or guaranteeing of any right, concession or privilege under the sovereignty of a State or Land The Charter permits full trade. This is a document in writing from the public authority of a company setting up a smelter or subsidiary. The central administration has approved the statutes for the establishment of the smelter.

In the Charter, the shipowner has declared his willingness to carry certain cargoes to a specific harbour. A charter agreement An agency took care of the charter and ensured the flight to and from the event.

He urged the closing of Chicago's worse performing colleges.... and opened tens of new colleges, many of them Charter. Manda Paulson et al. 1a: Creation, facilitation or transfer by charter The town was founded in 1837.


This is a charter of the United Nations. Approval of a centrally or mother organisation to set up a new establishment, chapters, etc. A granting by a supreme authority which establishes a legal entity, such as the King's Statute, which is accorded to UK courts in America.

An agreement by which part or all of a vessel is chartered for a certain period of holiday or a certain period of holiday. A charter agreement is a charter agreement: Holiday office offers charter flights to Europe and the Caribbean. Particular right of charter or autonomy. To be justified by charter: to charter a bench. To rent or to rent for sole use:

In order to favour or favour a type of trip in which transport is specifically rented or rented for members of a group or association: a charter trip to Europe. which can be rented or chartered for exclusively or privately use: a charter vessel for deep-sea fisheries. done or kept according to a charter: a charter academy.

He can take them in by not meeting his deadline, or - he can charter a bus if he wants. On the twelfth day he was presented with the statutes. Undoubtedly, one of the elements of his triumph was the amendment of the Charter.

Chieftains and their offspring had the same 145 statute of the sword. Secured in their statutes, they currently abandoned England forever. n. c. 1200, from Old French charter (12c.) "Charter, Brief, Dokument, Bund", from Roman charter, literal "small paper", miniature form of the charter, see graphic (n.). v. v. early fifteenth century, "chartered", from charter (n.).

Charters; Carters.

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