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The Air Taxi is perfect for short-haul flights wherever you travel to work. You dreamed of flying planes when you were a kid. This is a positive sign, but it is clear that risk aversion is now much higher, while the smallest and lightest aircraft have improved their performance. As a result, new air taxi models will gain market share in the business aircraft market, but above all new users. "Aerial taxis could make a journey that takes six hours on the highway to a fast, uncomplicated air journey.

Make the most of your working day.

The Air Taxi is ideal for short-haul trips wherever you go to work. As you welcome an aircraft as a whole, having a colleague with you reduces your mean per capita expenses. From $400 per person, you'll quickly see the advantages of Air Taxi trips over business and bus trips. Maximise your saving with our Travelling Rewards Program.

Gain airline connectivity, discover holiday hotspots and get business trip advice. "Call your Air Taxi at exactly the right moment you want. Never bother to leave the previous night and stay in a guesthouse to make sure you make this breakfasts meet. Just get an Air Taxi in the early hours of the mornings for your breakfasts and be back in your offices that afternoons.

Or, reserve your Air Taxi for more than one trip on the same date and personally connect with several customers remotely. By controlling the timetable, you can plan more real working hours into your business trip and still be home for supper. Of course, you can request an Air Taxi from a large international destination, but the strength of our rugged Air Taxi service lies in our countrywide networks of local aerodromes and carriers.

Join your Air Taxi at an Airport Car Park at an Airport Car Park with free and simple carparks. Just pull up 15 min before your flight, hit your plane and take off. Days spent searching for car parks, going to the terminals, maintaining safety loops, maintaining gate access, climbing into zones and then landing on a massive scale adds up to idle times.

Air Taxi is a door-to-door service that primarily spends your travelling hours airborne. If you call an Air Taxi, you are booking an aircraft - with state-of-the-art technology, smart electronics, state-of-the-art aircraft cabin design and security system - operated by a qualified driver.

Taxis business opportunity with this great infography

Carriers who say they want 1500 flying hrs, but reasonably need you nearer to 3000. Even if you were recruited, you would probably work for a local carrier with an initial wage of just over $21,000 a year - about $40,000 less than the same jobs at Delta and United, according to the airline pilots association, the biggest U.S. pilots trade unions.

Perhaps you are looking for a better occasion than a budget carrier? Perhaps it is better to concentrate on the air traffic of the distant future? No. When Airbus has already started developing its conceptual airplane and UBER has published a 97-page PDF about the occasion, I think it's certain to say that local on-demand air traffic is in our own futures.

Now, take the tradional airways, construct your lessons, pay off tens of millions of dollars, earn little cash and just get a good paycheck at the end of your careers? Have you ever had the chance to do what you want? Or snatch the checks and start flying your own airways, spending more of your free family time, and having the choices in your lifetime to do what you like?

Considering the $2500.00 air taxi fare, you don't need many planes to reach the initial wage of a first official of a local carrier. Now, if you consider the costs of constructing your lessons, be it by the amount of money others are spending, or just hard-earned money, you're probably in the same ballpark of a Cessna 172, and that's all you really need to get to work.

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