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Air flight training programmes

From day one, you will be familiarized with large commercial aircraft in full-motion simulators and cabin crew procedures. Career Pilot Training Programs | Pan Am Int. What better way to take you from zero to first officer's abode in an airliner than with the firm that written the training manual? Originally the training department of the iconic Pan American Airways, we have educated tens of millions of pilots and know what airline requirements are. Many of our customers are the world's premier airline companies, and we have the right programs and training to offer you this perfect work.

From the first to the last flight, you will be familiarized with large airliners in full flight simulation and aircraft operator training. There is no other college that offers this training so early in their studies and it is one of many reason why our alumni rise!....

The Boeing Pilot Training Ab Initio Program

For the next 20 years, Outlook forecasts a need for 533,000 new aircraft around the globe. Given the high number of new aircraft delivered, combined with the fluctuation of aircraft operators and the increased FAA hourly requirements for a flight certification, Boeing expects that we will need a new way to educate them.

"We forecast nearly 36,800 new aircraft valued at $5.2 trillion - a fairly staggering market," said Shary Carbary, Boeing's VP of Flight Services, at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. "There' s a whole bunch of discussion about whether there's a lack of pilots. It is Boeing that forecasts future demands, and what we are proposing is that, to make sure that this is not a future topic, we must come together as industries, as government and regulatory agencies around the globe, and as scientists to make sure that this does not become a crucial topic and that we can solve this dilemma.

" According to Boeing, the ABITIO flight programme will help to alleviate the impending lack of pilots with the help of airlines. As part of a typically ab initio programme, the carrier will sponsor a trainee right from the start of the training, support him during the entire training and hire the pilots as soon as they have been type-tested and certificated.

It has worked well in other jurisdictions, but with FAA rules, there is skepticism that it will work the same way in the US. The Boeing Pilot Development Programme will be piloted by Jeppesen, a Boeing affiliate, and adapted to the needs of an air carrier and its national rules.

It ensures that they receive elementary training such as mathematics and physic, along with pilot training specifically for the merchant carrier they could be sponsoring, as well as training on flight crewing resources as well as operational processes of carriers. At Boeing, the trainee is educated in training centres at one of the many sites around the globe.

Students are required to participate in the AbITIO programme through a screening-process, English literacy and fluency, a first-rate physician and a visa. Boeing Pilot Develop Programme Executive Vice President David Wright also said: "To satisfy this breathtaking request for ten thousand aircraft on the aircraft markets over the next twenty years, we are pleased to announce today the launch of the Pilot Developement Programme.

" It trains pupils "from road to air " by taking a zero-flight pupil and guiding them through class-room study, flight training, a jetbridge programme and a UK class rated training programme to end with possible recruitment to an air carrier. But Wright said the plan could be between $100,000 and $150,000 and would take about 12 time period to work out.

"Wright says the mediocre pupil would be off the programme with 200 to 250 hours" - still not enough to be hired as an airliner in the USA. Both Wright and Carbary asked question from the audience during the press briefing, among other things, how the 250-hour pupils would get to the magical 1500 lessons required by the FAA for an ATP certification.

The Carbary said they expect US college graduates to pursue careers similar to those of today, probably as flight instructors. A similar ab initio programme in Europe and Asia often takes you directly into the cockpit. However, according to Wright, the prospects for the pilots are good, even for the US domestic aircraft and it is anticipated that the carriers will be included in the programme, which may encourage the FAA to revise the regulations.

At the moment, the issue with flight training is that a college like this leaves a student with large credit and very low incomes for $100,000 or more. Given an initial revenue of just over $20,000 for a local entry-level jet aviation career, it is hard to motivate anyone to make the jump to become an airliner pilots, let alone motivate them to pay up to $100,000.

One participant said that if the programme could be financed by an air carrier, or perhaps could provide some kind of funding, then it could be of value. Wright says the carriers are not against such a programme. The Carbary said that while the industry is not in a big spot right now for local pilots salaries.

" Boeing says for now that the pilot development programme is a self-financed programme, at least in the United States. Meanwhile, Boeing is expanding its training programme, opening several training centres, supplementing its 19 training centres around the globe with simulation equipment and recruiting trainers. Meanwhile, the organization is opening a new training facility in Russia, has added flight testers in London Gatwick and Singapore to cover the training needs.

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