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Madrid taxi service

Madrid taxi service is working perfectly. Taxis in Madrid are comfortable and inexpensive. Inform yourself about the taxi rates, taxi numbers and our tips so that you will not be deceived. Taxi service at Madrid airport.

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On this page you will learn how to get the rates, where to get surcharges and how much you can get on a Madrid taxi. You can also get some taxi numbers and information on how to lodge a complaint - if necessary. During the week the meter should show "fare 1" or "fare 2".

Is it possible to use a credit or debit transfer to buy my Madrid taxi? There is an additional charge when you collect your taxi from Madrid Barajas International Park. Every trip starting from a taxi stand at a coach terminal, train terminal or access street to both is subject to a surcharge. This surcharge is to be paid if you take your taxi from a taxi area with the label "supplemento autorizado".

There is a plate on the taxi stand, similar to a streetign. When you travel to or from Madrid's fairground, the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA), you are paying a surcharge of " supplemento autorizado". On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve trips that end between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. (Christmas Day or New Year's Day), you must add an extra surcharge.

No surcharge for baggage, pet or wheelchair. Fees for each kilometer in an authorized Madrid taxi are as follows: Madrid's offical taxi is off the street and has a strip of black and blue diagonally across the front entrance, and when the taxi is free it will show a greeen signal on the rooftop.

In order to file a claim, you must receive a voucher from the chauffeur. They must also provide their ID number or NIF (Tax ID Number) and the legal taxi number displayed on the dashboard. You can obtain an officially required application card from the local tourism information centre.

Then you must address your complaints to Oficina Municipal del Taxi. When you want a taxi and you have a reduced portability, or if you have more than 4 pockets, then you can call the bigger Eurotaxi's. Remember that in these businesses the taximeter usually starts from the point where the taxi rider is when he receives your call.

Madrid taxis can store your bags in the trunk and also have racks. That means that every taxi can easily transport 4 persons with one case each if they use a rooftop carrier. Otherwise, take 4 persons, 2 medium-sized suitcases and your cabin bags with you. Our taxi in full size offers space for 4 persons.

When you need a bigger taxi, there are some excursions, but if you know in beforehand, I recommend you call and make a reservation. At your guesthouse you can also take a taxi. The Madrid taxi is a comfortable way to get around and saves you the hassle and hassle of getting around an unfamiliar, bustling town.

Always make sure that the rider has run the counter and that it is at the correct speed. Drivers must be able to warrant any supplement. On this page you will find information about taxi fares, where to find a taxi and phone numbers. It is also possible to verify how much baggage you can pack in a normal taxi before you reach Madrid.

It is also possible to collect a sheet on taxi fares from the airports.

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