Last Minute Air Travel

Last-minute air travel

Check flights and save airline tickets. We also offer special fares for those who travel with their family due to death. My experience with last has been very bad. Troubleshooting - Air travel forum

Going to your website we found a vacation on Lanzarote, hotels cesperia. My purchases collapsed on-line, so my spouse had to call a 020 telephone number to the client helpdesk, meaning she was burdened and forced to spend a 2 hour waiting period on the telephone from division to division while you found out what was actually going on.

Finally we received an e-mail with buying instructions, but with the inscription "not confirmed". Well, we just ring back to find out it was just during the buying. Then we were informed that it would actually be £1845.16???????????. One way or another, we were just relief that we had a vacation because they were sold out quickly and the fact was that there were a lot of guys in the same position as us, so we were fortunate.

By the time we awoke, we had got an e-mail saying that our vacation had not been acknowledged and canceled, it was delivered at 10am. At 30 o'clock and that they had tried to reach us without success, my woman was available all morning at the numbers and there was no try to reach her, even if it was so, why waiting until 10 o'clock.

I had a request from my missus to call it off. There are two payment slips from our bank accounts, although I was advised that the payment did not go through one at £977. Fifty-eight with two non-UK sales charges of £1.25 each. So not only do you withdraw funds from our bank accounts after the sale is canceled, but it's also 66. 92 more than we were ever offered!

Subsequently, we got an e-mail saying that the deal had been successfully canceled, and then another saying: "The reservation will be froze and not debited from customer deposits, which means that your bank will not be debited until the reservation has been confirmed" and "rest assured that there has been no withdrawal from your account". I assume that the writer of this article appeared in the shop because he is kidding me a lot...

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