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Unconventional Tweto family, who rule the most dangerous sky in Alaska. Alaska Flying Wild Official Website. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Cast">Cast[edit] The Flying Wild Alaska is a documentaries TV show that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 2011 and 2012. Featuring in the Unalakleet floor team, Ariel Tweto[5] is the second kid of Jim and Ferno. She ran cross-country like her dam and has been running every single passing day since 2002.

6] She was also a participant in the ABC Wipeout match show in 2008 and 2009. 7] The 2011-2012 Flying Wild Alaska campaign showed Ariel flying to obtain her pilots licence.

Ariel obtained her personal pilot's license on April 21, 2012[8] Ariel became a regular at the Late Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson[9] Ariel even came to Ferguson for a period during his Scottish episode weeks in 2012 and just before the end of Ferguson's term in December 2014.

This show also shows other different drivers from different towns all over Alaska. It was Pamyua who provided the backing vocals for Flying Wild Alaska. He is a former San Diego professional skater who got a flying error after obtaining his pilot's licence to find empty aerial skating pooling.

After flying wild Alaska, what has Ariel Tweto done?

What did Ariel Tweto do after flying Wild Alaska? Ariel Tweto, after three Flying Wild Alaska season, obtaining her diploma as a Privat Pilots and a serious stable practice with MzeroA, is still thrilled to discover her passion for air travel. Discovery Channel's flying wild Alaska was a rarity jewel among the realism shows.

We spent three consecutive season in the daily operation of Alaska's biggest local carrier, Era Alaska, as its staff was busy dealing with the operational challenge of the lovely but tough Alaska-Busch. The flying Tweto dynasty was at the centre of the story: Jim, Era's Chief Operational Officer and sought-after Buschpilot; his Mrs. Ferno, station manager and self-described freightwoman; and the nurses Ayla and Ariel, multi-tasking floor crews, ticketing salesmen and reception staff.

We got to know Ariel Tweto as the main protagonist, but not necessarily the centre of the film. Ariel Eva Tundraq Atauchiaq Tweto, however, has much more to offer than it seems at first glance, as we learnt when we had the opportunity to speak to her last April.

First, without Ariel, there would be no flying wild Alaska. Flying Wild was created when Ariel appeared in the Wipeout series. It is often described as the movie "Where's the Pole?". This is what Ariel screamed when she couldn't see the bar in the bar pit, even though she was standing right in front of her (she later said that she thought the bar was yellow).

She enchanted the public during the interviews with her commentaries on Unalakleet, the secluded homestead she came from, and her brilliant discovery that she had "never been kissed" (which is why the show is called "Never Been Kissed"). During this " look at me " era of instagra and periscope, it seems strange that someone might not want to be on television, but that is the case with a member of the Tweto familiy, Ariel's younger nurse Elaine.

Ariel described Elaine in our interviews as a "genius", an experienced female rider with several reviews, among them instruments and rotary wings. Even though the affirmation is missing, it is likely that she is planning to continue in the exempt private company. So it seems a shame to think of someone who has been flying for so long and done so much for aeronautics that he gave it up, and the thought arose that this might not be the whole thing, that maybe something was horribly false?

"Ariel said in our interviews, "No, he's flying more than ever. Families had had enough of camera faces standing at every turn, so it was determined to end the show at a graceful and high level instead of pulling it out until it became an agony. Though Flying Wild is over, Ariel Tweto has pursued her press carrier in several ways.

In 2013 she moderated the TV show Native Shorts of the Sundance Institute and in 2014 the beauty contest Alaska USA. Ms. Tweto is featured in the movie Flying Again by MzeroA Flight Trainings and shot a practice movie with them entitled "Turning Stalls with Ariel Tweto", which was published on Youtube on June 4, 2015.

A big TV show is a TV show entitled Covering Alaska that will be broadcast this year. One of the special features of Flying Wild Alaska was that it was not afraid of the more dark problems that affect living in the countryside of Alaska, such as the high rates of childhood suicide. Ariel's efforts to tackle this issue are a non-profit organization named Poping Cubs.

Encourages young people to open the bladder, get out of their comfortable zones and fully enjoy their life. Aniel may be singular in that she began her education in a Cessna 207, "graduated" to a Cessna 150 and completed in a new Cessna 172. Nowadays, she keeps her abilities keen by flying during her visit to Unalakleet and Lynn Freeman of Build-A-Plane when she is in California.

Alaska Flying Wild may have appeared on DVD and Netflix, but star Ariel Tweto is still there. No matter what her next plans are, we can be sure that she will have the same passion and adventurous attitude that have made Flying Wild such a big success in the industry.

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