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This article will give you more information about taxis in Sofia and the taxi network in the capital of Bulgaria. The official website of the Yellow Taxi taxi company. What can I do to avoid overpaying for a taxi in Sofia, Bulgaria?

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In Sofia there are about 4800 taxi's which are official licensed by the municipality of Sofia. The majority of them work for a dozen large taxi operators operating the transport services in Sofia. In spite of the fact that there are many independent taxi operators who offer outstanding taxi services in most of the largest taxi operators, there are processes in place to safeguard the client and ensure the best possible level of services.

If you are a non-Bulgarian, we suggest that you use the taxi facilities of one of the major taxi operators. Regardless of corporate policies, it's sometimes up to the chauffeur to decide what kind of support you get. In order to prevent too much being charged in a taxi, please refer to our Sofia Taxi Fraud Prevention Guidelines.

Though 99% of Sofia's taxi cabs are dependable, there are 1% that drive at very high taxi fares, and some of them try to forge the logotype of a normal taxi business. OK SuperTrans a. k. a. OK Taxi is one of the most frequently forged taxi brands in Sofia. Remember that the number of such counterfeit cabs is very small, but they usually stand where there is a large number of aliens or Bulgarians who are in Sofia for the first place.

When you know how to recognise them, you can successfully bypass them and make a beautiful and enjoyable journey through Sofia. Sofia, Lozenets district, 5 Krastyo Sarafov St.

Avoiding taxi fraud in Sofia

Generally taxi fares are very low in Sofia and Bulgaria. You' ll find a taxi at most intersections, next to the buses and trams, in front of the main train terminal, the main train terminal, the two Sofia Airport terminal, etc. There are taxis every moment that you can just wink and they will stop and take you there.

Sofia has 4800 official registered cabs in the municipality of Sofia. Small numbers of them (about 100 taxis) have a tendency to overburden the passenger, and one of the ways is completely legitimate. Each taxi operator should set its own prices by statute and as long as the fares are clearly indicated, you cannot complain about congestion.

Governments and municipalities require each taxi to display its uniform pricelist as a sticker on all doors, windscreens and the instrument panel in front of the front passengers seats in order to prevent such costly taxis. When you get into the vehicle and find that it is an expensive taxi, do not be afraid to tell the taxi attendant to stop immediately, charge him and then take a new taxi.

The fraudulent taxi riders in summers have a tendency to open all the window of the cars as it is very warm and what they do is hide the pricelists located on the few of them. Occasionally, when you get into the "expensive" taxi, the rider will immediately talk to you, ask you a question, etc., so he can divert you from the pricelist on the Dashboard.

The majority of these so-called "fake" cabs count on locating clients who are not from Sofia, so they are more likely to be waiting for clients near the railway stations, the main coach terminal, the airports and the large hospital buildings. To prevent this type of fraud, Sofia International Airports and the Sofia Main Railway Terminal have signed a deal with the largest and most dependable taxi operators in Sofia - OK SuperTrans.

Your car carries all your passenger from these places, but the central station has no such agreement and all cabs are permitted to carry passenger from there and here is the greatest concentrations of "expensive" and "fake" cabs. From Sofia train station, if you arrive by taxi, please obey these rules:

The central bus terminal is located 100 metres on the leftside of the railway terminal if you go there, there are only genuine OK SuperTrans cabs. Though OK SuperTrans is a serious business, it has recently been established that some of the corporate riders overburden Sofia Airport users, as there is a lump sum charge of 20 - 40 EUR from the airport to the centre.

You do not turn the taximeter around and give counterfeit bills to the customer that have been made out by a non-existent business. That' s preposterous, because there are signposts at the airports saying that a taxi trip to the centre should not be more than 3 EUR (as far as I can remember).

Once a taxi rider has told you that there is a lump sum charge, tell him to stop, take his number ( it's on the fare stickers) and call the taxi service ( you have the number on the fare stickers) or return to the airports, there's the OK SuperTrans Bureau and make a claim about that particular rider.

Look out for the following taxi fraud. A lot of the "expensive" cabs use a name and logotype that looks like the OK SuperTrans name. Name like OK SuperChance, OK SofiaTrans, OK ExtraTrans, OK VelirSim, CK SuperTrans, CK Something, etc. There are two street routes at Sofia Airport Terminal 2.

Inside, next to the entry to the terminal, you can only use bus, shuttles and OK SuperTrans cabs. A second one on the outside of the terminal is permitted for everyone. "Counterfeit " cabs can't stop there, so they only pass slowly, in the hope that someone will beckon them.

Sometimes, when they see many passengers leaving the terminal, they stop next to the crosswalk and open their suitcases so that it is simple for a traveller to put their baggage in. The last fraud are the so-called "pumps" with which the taxi drivers can inflate your bill while you are not looking.

When you think that you might be a victim of such a fraud, take the license plate and call the cops to file it. Summary: Taxi fares are low and dependable. There' s a small percent of fraudulent taxi riders, but if you look at the rates before you get into the vehicle and try to get out of the ordinary lie, you won't be unduly burdened.

Have a look at the taxi services in Sofia that we suggest and call them directly to order a taxi.

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