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Find other taxis in Baytown on The Red Top Cab Company, Baytown, Texas.

Michigan St, Baytown, TX 77520

They' re inexpensive, they work with people, they offer passenger transport that even Baytown Express Taxi can't offer! Totally worst-case scenario. It'?s the baddest company ever. You had me waiting over 2 hrs and when I phoned to do my check-in I got the really bad end of the line support. The owner was so impolite and irreverent that I wish I could judge it without a star.

{\pos (192,210)}I phoned this company to get a customer from Baytown to Houston. 20 minutes later I phoned my customer to verify the ETA and was notified that the can had to run out of it! Expressing my disappointment, I explained that the leakage of petrol was not acceptable to taxi companies.

Then the can operator says, "Well, I'll just kick your customers out on the side of the street and you can come get them, but I won't take any s*&t from you " That was totally unreasonable and the support was not acceptable.

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APERTURE FOR THE RIDER AT THE AMBER CAB OF THE NORMAN LAKE. TO WORK AS INDEPENDENT ENTERPRISE....................................................... CHAUFFEUR D - OPENING FOR CAB OPERATOR AT THE AMBER CAB IN CONCORD/ KANNAPOLIS . Contractor's independent cabmen. Check the cab for its suitability for use as a cab; collect the cab prices in Hemet California. I' ve had many different experiences as a cabbie, always got different idea and different tradition from all over the whole wide country. I know many different culture for many different reason.

I have to see guys from all over the whole goddamn underworld. Its an OK place to work meanwhile, looking for something better to do. long ours to work when you make a dollar. costly leasing, unless you have own auto.

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