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Our company has all the necessary transport permits, registered drivers, taximeters and yellow taxi signs. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for more stories about Super Suomi. Pressing on break at elementary taxi services in Finland until 2018 | Technology

Über is moving its main duty out of Finland while it awaits the passing of a bill that will de-regulate the taxi mart. This cabin company, which is active solely in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is discontinuing its UberPop services, which allow any taxi operator to register and provide non-licensed taxi rides.

"Our aim is to make sure that we don't create useless problems for riders using our application or our staff, especially now that we have a great time ahead of us. It is our belief that the best way to do this and concentrate on the longer term is to stop and restart UberPop in the 2018 summer," said Joel Järvinen, Ubers Finland' Country Director, in a Thursday blogsheet.

"As we look forward to the entry into force of the reform, we have chosen to suspend UberPop from 15 August until the new rules that allow a better enviroment are in place," Järvinen added. UberBlack, the luxurious licenced UberPop driver, will remain in operation in the Helsinki region, and Jarvinen said the airline is dedicated to helping the hundred riders who can no longer make a living with UberPop.

In Finland it is lawful, provided that its driver has got current taxi licenses, but the business became the object of policing and the driver was ordered to pay their income to the state because they do not have current taxi licenses. When the new legislation comes into force, riders will continue to require authorisations, but yearly authorisation rates and fares will be lifted, which could help newcomers.

The Helsinki County Supreme Court last weekend ordered that Jarvinen's property should be seized until the authorities completed an inquiry into whether Ueber is operating an illicit taxi in Finland. The UberPop is at the core of many of the company's regulatory issues around the globe because it is the most important tool that allows non-licensed and non-regulated operators to work on the UberPop system.

Distributed already from several major EU countries, such as Paris, Brussels and Berlin, it has led to the company's complete abandonment of the location for those places where there is not enough supply to sustain a licenced option: Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf dropped their Uber services in 2015 due to a Germany prohibition of UberPop.

UberPOP has never been sold in the UK, where non-licensed taxi companies severely violate the Act and impose a 1,000 pound penalty on those busted to provide illicit service, and Uberrivers must take a mini -cab license with them - although the firm has been criticised for having allowed them to work in towns other than those for which they are licensed.

It is important because it allows us to give a vote to the silent, to challange the mighty and to call them to account. What is more, it allows us to give a vote to the mute.

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