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Fremantle Taxi Service

The Swan Taxis and Black & White Taxi Services offer downloadable apps that allow passengers to book a taxi ride with a smartphone. Stranantle Taxi Service & Management, Perth, Western Australia.

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Taxi in Western Australia are controlled by the Department of Transportation. You can call a taxi on the road or call to pick up a passenger anywhere in Fremantle. There are three topical services: The Swan Taxi and Black & White Taxi Service offer downloadable applications that allow customers to take a smartphone taxi ride.

The Swan Taxis App is suitable for both Android and iPhones. The Black & White Taxis App is available for iPhones. For app downloads, go to Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Travelers of Maxi Taxi Perth can make Maxi Taxi Perth reservations online and without reservation or request a service charge. Certain taxi stands are located throughout Fremantle and provide a secure and comfortable ride.

The taxi ranks include: Stranantle Station. Strangeantle is a bustling centre of amusement from Thursday to Sunday evening. There is a safe taxi stand at Henderson Street Mall from 23:00 to 6:00 on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Anyone living in and around Fremantle would know that it is renowned for its bustling streets and coffee shops - no wonder this place draws the world. Ezy-Car can help you with all your transport needs, whether it's a quick drive to downtown or a shuttle to the international airports, we can get you to your final destinations safe and sound.

Please fill in your data incl. name and date of your flights (if you need our driver service at Perth airport). Specify your collection and destination locations. With Ezy-Car, you no longer have to wait in lines or have to pay a lot for overhauls, because we make luxurious transport accessible to everyone. You can also be assured that we will be on schedule to your pick-up point or that your trip will be FREE.

If you would like more information or to book a Fremantle taxi today, please contact us.

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We reward you with a 10% rebate on reservations made via our app via our beloved App Fares opt. At the time of reservation the indicated shall contain the rebate within the indicated amount. In addition to the conventional metering tariff, the customer can select the tariff that is most suitable for him.

Lump sum payment can be made via our app or at the end of the trip by ECG, EVTPOS or using ATM.

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