Private Jet Sharing App

Jet-Sharing private application

Search and book seats on existing group flights worldwide with APP FEATURES. - Create shared and private on-demand flights. Jay-Z, Uber of the skis financed by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A 21-year-old Sergei Petrozov, when he first landed in a private jet, did not expect to make it a normal event one night - not only for himself, but for millions of others." But eight years later, he heads JetSmarter, the billion-dollar, celebrity-backed private jet reservation app generally referred to as Uber of the skies.

For Petrossov it wasn't an apparent trip after all. An accidental meeting with the proprietor of a private jet saw him offer a trip. He was quickly impressed by what he termed the "archaic" character of the sector, which at the turn of the century was based exclusively on analog rather than electronic business processes.

Between 2009 and 2012 I kept private flying near my breast. He said, saying that he thought he was going to develop a binary utility to facilitate the search and booking of aircraft. "I' ve learnt that (the industry) is heavily underutilized," Petrossov said.

"Although it was a zero assets approach, Petrossov and his new Chief Technical Officers knew it would be a expensive undertaking.

With some support, they agreed to introduce JetSmarter as a stand-alone electronic file sharing system in 2013 before looking for extra funds for their sharing activities. "Initially there was a binary issue, but sharing needed more resource and money. But we always knew that sharing meant how to expand the market," said Peter.

This financing came soon, and since the launch of the sharing platforms in 2015, JetSmarter has obtained investment from several notable donors, among them rappers Jay-Z and Saudia Arab license fees. As a " hybrids " positioning to reduce the cost of current private aircraft while increasing comfort for new passengers, the service allows members to plan and reserve empty seat on current private jet itineraries.

"Petrossov said, "It has developed into a strategy that offers a viable option for jet operators, but also for those who want commercially viable flights and greater versatility. In recent years, subscription packs have undergone several repetitions, which has led to criticisms from some subscribers who are now faced with additional charges for private landlords.

Petrossov said he was concentrating on "democratizing private transport access". Today, Base is available for $5,000 per year, with various extra charges for flight bookings and empty seat reservations. Currently, JetSmarter has 15,000 members, mainly corporate travellers, in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Petrossov said he hoped to extend this client portfolio over the next few years by lowering the cost of short-haul flights. "It is our aim to gain huge shares of the airline markets compared to conventional carriers, especially those in full seat and firstclass, especially on services under five hours," he added.

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