Jet Taxi number

Number of Jet Taxi

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Aylesbury - Jet Taxis - Taxis - 01296 42121212 - 01296 42121212 - Aylesbury

Recently, my 17-year-old girl bookings an ABC taxi to go to college a few kilometers away. Said he was on the telephone all the time and was paged twice by other riders. When he then came along Oxford Road, he was on his telephone, clearly diverted and fell into the preceding vehicle, another taxi.

Once the situation was over, he got back in the truck and took the little drive to her highschool, she payed and got out. Never once did he pay attention to her well-being, never apologize and she said he was back on his telephone when he left! We have used this taxi at best every day for our customers, but we will now select another taxi as it asks for one or all of the things on an illegal credit note. We are bringing them good cash with our customers and they lose in client services. so we will not use it any more and will pass this information on to other locals.

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