Taxi fare Cost Calculator

Taxis tariff cost calculator

Price for a ride in one of our electric cars is the same as for traditional taxis. Compute how much your taxi ride from Uber & will cost more.

Taxi Rates Estimated | Prices and Promotion Code

Téo Taxi is the best way to prevent nasty surprise on your way or when you arrive. Prices for driving one of our battery-powered vehicles are the same as for conventional cabs. Our user-friendly application gives you an estimation of the fare before you even get in the vehicle!

Their journey begins at $3.50, plus $1.75 per mile driven. Have you got a Téo Taxi promotion number? Then you can insert your promotion key at the specified location. This amount will be subtracted from your next trip. A taxi trip from downtown Montreal or the Old Port Express ferry station to the Montreal International Airports - and back - will cost you exactly $41 before your tip.

Téo Taxi means you no longer have to take your passport out of your pocket. Just type the numbers into our application preferences and the trip will be calculated as soon as you are called. It is also up to you to determine before the end of the trip how much tip you want to tip your friend chauffeur.

Type in a Téo Taxi promotion key that will immediately reduce the cost of your trip. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Téo Taxi does not cost you more than a regular taxi, but remember the advantages. In addition, your environmental carbon footprint will be virtually non-existent as our electrical vehicle does not produce CO2.

Python - Taxi Tariff Calculator, Tachograph and Petrol Calculator

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