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Taxicab Finland

Taxis in Finland Those preferring particular attentiveness can use the taxi service in Finland. In Finland there are many cabs. Finish taxi is very convenient, but it is not inexpensive. The taxi fare covers the costs of boarding, travel expenses, maintenance and some additional service.

A taxi ride costs depend on: 00, on Saturdays and the evening before the public holiday - 5,30 euros; - a. k. - 8,30 euros; 2) the number of passengers: - 1-2 people - 1,39 euros for 1 km; - 3-4 people - 1,67 euros for 1 km; - 5-6 people - 1,81 euros for 1 km; - 7 and more people - 1,94 euros for 1 km.

Costs for wait (39,50 EUR per hour) are charged in case of wait for passenger or in case of slowing down below 28. Fifty kilometers per h instead of paying for the journey. - more than 30 min before - about 6,40 Euro); - if you are transporting the many things; - if you call a taxi to the taxi station; - if the taxi cab operator provides some additional work.

In case of injuries, old age or illness, taxi reservations should not be made (people with handicaps have discounts). A taxi in Finland can be reached at 118 in Finnish or English. It is also possible to reserve a taxi by sending an SMS to 13170 (in Helsinki - for Elisa, Sonera, Dna, Saunalahti subscribers).

In Finnish, the account should include the name of the town, road, number, veranda cover and any extra information. You should then await the reply and the text of the free wagon available and the call acknowledgement. You will be given a chance to try again if no free taxi is available within 8mins.

It is also possible to take a taxi at a taxi stop. It is advisable to book a taxi in Finland by phoning 0100 0600. You could also text me - 1.70 euros. A number of towns in Finland (Tampere, Oulu, Riihimäki, Hyvinkää, Helsinki) have their own specific taxi service.

If you want to call a taxi you should call 0100 0700 0700. Cotaksi is a peculiarity of the Finish taxi area. ECOTOTAKSI is the kind of Finish commitment to protecting the natural world. Those automobiles differ by specific pills on the window and a specific approach to work. ECOTOTAKSI participates in the Association of Taxi Operators of Finland's programme for the improvement of traffic security and the organisation of comfortable trips for taxi users and taxi operators.

Within the framework of this programme, particular emphasis is placed on thorough riding, good workmanship and respect for the enviroment. A number of regulations apply to riding in ecotaksi: - do not make useless stop and acceleration; - try to take the right road with minimal congestion; - take the utmost care and precautions; - try to prevent a taxi from running idle; - try to wait in good time; - pay particular heed to the selection of tyres and the pressures in them; - try to use oil and liquids that are harmless to the surroundings; - try to ensure correct recovery; - pay particular attention to your attitudes towards the vehicle and to your savings on petrol.

Pricing for a ride in the ecotaksi are the same as in a normal taxi.

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