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Default taxi tariffs and fees. Taxis and cabin rates from July 2017 (FOI) Can you please let me know what rates your car rental company is permitted to apply from 1 July? Upon entry into effect of the reservation fee, please be advised that as requested by the Ministerial Order, detailed information will be posted on the website of the States of Jersey and shown inehicles. Pursuant to Article 23 of the Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011, this application is rejected as the information is otherwise available to the applicants.

1. Information shall be deemed to be information of an entirely optional nature if, contrary to this Act, it is reasonably available to the requester, whether free of cost or not. 2. A proposed competent body which rejects a request for information on this basis shall make an appropriate effort to provide the information to the notifier on where the information can be obtained by the notifier.

Taxis Tariff Adjustment - Sunderland City Council - Sunderland City Council

The Hackney Carriage (or taxi) must be equipped with a counter and show the price chart authorised by the Rat. Privately rented vehicles may or may not be equipped with a counter. Once a counter is installed, it must be inspected by the municipality and the car must show a price chart showing the fee paid by the counter.

In case no counter is installed, the price of the ticket should be agreed between the client and the carrier before departure. It is necessary to book a vehicle in advance at the reservation desk of a landlord. From Monday to Saturday from 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. (with the exclusion of holidays and holidays as well as the Christmas and New Year periods).

Mondays to Saturdays 23.00 to 7.00 and all days Sundays (with the exclusion of holidays and holidays as well as the Christmas and New Year periods). Of 18.00 o'clock on 24 December to 7.00 o'clock on 27 December, of 18.00 o'clock on 31 December to 7.00 o'clock on 2 January and the whole day on other holidays.

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