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Our company specializes in the training of pilots and executives in the aviation industry. Balcon Aviation Services is a certified charter airline based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for FALCON AVIATION SERVICES.

Aviation Falcon Insurance

We have been committed to meeting the needs of the aviation industry for over 35 years. The Falcon Group offers the best insurers at highly competitively priced rates for one- and multi-engine operators who enjoy flying their planes for fun and touring. Whether you need company air travel covers for your company air division, your charters, your flying schools or any other type of airplane, Falcon has many years of expertise in assisting people who are flying for commercial purposes or in the aviation world.

No matter whether you are flying a helicopter for private, commercial, emergency or other purposes, we offer you the best fit. Airlines are involved in intricate topics, and Falcon has been involved with these topics for over 35 years. Millions of FBOs, tankers, repair and maintenance companies, avionics, and even manufacturers rely on Falcon to help safeguard their asset values and support their operations.

Air users across the nation have relied on Falcon for years to handle their asset and business needs, and we have experience in tailoring the right air services solution to their needs. Today Falcon is one of the biggest insurers in the sector and has started to provide air applicator covers.

Single owner, museum and collector rely on Falcon to protect their classic airplanes. And we can take care of reporting in the hanger and at the air show, both statically and air show appearances. When it comes to insurances, we have the right solutions for you. To protect persons and/or undertakings against claims for compensation resulting from the hiring or use of aeroplanes which they do not own or use.

This resulted in Aviation Professional Services (APS) liability insurance.


Balcon Aviation Services is a certificated airline located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We are a business aviation and aviation services firm focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. Falcon's primary office is located at Al Bateen Executive Airport near Abu Dhabi, which provides executive chartering and fuel and gas services.

One focus of its work is to provide assistance to Abu Dhabi's state-owned petroleum and natural-gas sectors. At Falcon, we offer a wide range of service offerings, which include global privately-owned and chartered jets and helicopters, Wet Lease, Aviation Operations, MRO, Aviation Operations, Continuous Aviationworthiness Control (CAMO), FBO, Aviation Clean-up and Aviation Lease.

Founded in 2006 on the instigation of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Falcon Aviation Solutions is focused on closing the gap in the domestic aviation market by providing innovation in aviation related goods and solutions. Since 2007, Falcon has had a wide range of different business activities including Rotarian Wind Operation, UAE Airport Transfers, V.I.P. Airport Transfers, Jet Aviation and Permanent Wind Operation.

Falcon broke the air balloon records in December 2007 for the biggest air balloon ever made. More than 50,000 sq ft in area, the flag was pulled under a Bell 412 aircraft. Falcon got the first Gulfstream G450 and 2 more Bell 412s. Some of Falcon's main activities include providing turn-key operations via Wet Lease, as well as providing consultancy, coaching and service assistance.

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