A Avalerion or Alerion is a mythological bird. The way you're sailing today. Well thought-out and innovating yachting treatment system allows you to go yachting alone or with your friend, for an hours or a week-end. "The " Alerion Sailing" is the excitement of a quick, reactive boat that looks great, behaves like a fantasy and is easy to handle in all circumstances. Be it day trips or cruises, Alerionailing means yachting at your own pace, at a time that best suits your moods and time.

Ă…lerionSailing - sail as it should be.

Arele of Alerion boats for sale on the market

Select the boat that might be of interest from the above available boat lists. A Possessor of Fresh Water ALERION 38 BEAUTY! Seldom swarm design Alerion Express 33. The Azul is a very well cared for 2011, Alerion 33, which was cared for at the shipyard with outstanding paint. Extraordinarily well serviced 2006 Alerion 28 that has received many upgrade options, among them a 2010 customized trailers trip.

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A few emblems contain aler ions.... All sorts of things are usually represented in a heraldic style as birds without beaks and feathery stubs instead of feet or no feet at all. The Lorraine crest (fr) has three alerons, for alerion is a subanagram of Lorraine.

The Alerion is also the name of a classically styled Rhode Island sailing boat available in 20 to 41 foot length. History of the Alerion.

New Owner of Alerion Yachts commences flights >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Known for its blend of breathtaking historic line and contemporary sailability, Alerion Yachts, the luxurious day sailer, now belongs to a shipping vet who adds a treasure of expertise and dedication to the marque. Johnson has always felt personally associated with the aesthetics and trademark of Alerion Designs.

Feather, a home of Nathanael Herreshoff's 1912 Day Sailer, Alerion, who was the inspirational force behind the contemporary Alerion yachts. In 1991, Alerion Yachts was formally introduced with the Alerion Express 28 developed by Carl Schumacher. When Garry Hoyt took over the management of the dayailer yachts division soon after it was founded, he set up the company and created the dayailer yachts group.

The Hoyt Jib Boom has become a synonym for simpler cruising and is a favorite choice for all Alerion boats. The creator of Alerion Yacht will be Randy Borges, who has founded a new manufacturing facility for Alerion boats solely in North Kingstown, RI. Borges is known for constructing and producing race boats for worldwide championships, but his real power is less well known than the creator of the Alerion yacht mark over the past five years.

In 2018 only eight Alerion boats will be constructed. Our main emphasis is on the production of exceptional boats by the best artisans. Alerion' new range of yacht products includes five of the most popular models: the Alerion Express 20, 28, 30, 33 and 41. The sale will be managed by Peter Johnstone and Kristan McClintock of the Alerion yacht distribution group.

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