Airbus Private Jet for Sale

Private Airbus jet for sale

A319 Airbus for sale How much does an Airbus A 319 cost? None of the dates of the price leader found! Cabine certificated for 18 persons in industrial operationCabine certificated with two EASA & FAA STC's for private & industrial VVIP roomy and light...

.. Airbus launched the MSN 3826 in April 2010. The Airbus A 319CJ is designed for a continuous flight of up to 10 flight times and is therefore optimally placed....

Luxurious cabin commissioned on an exclusive basis.....

AIRBUS - Private Jet for sale

As one of the world's largest airframe builders, Airbus continues to receive approximately half or more of all orders for commercial jets with more than 100 seat capacity. Airbus' objective is to deliver the best performing aircrafts to meet the needs of the markets and to assist them with the highest level of customer care.

There are 14 Airbus A318s, ranging from the 100-seater single-aisle A318 to the 525-seater A380, the world' biggest commercial jet. Deliveries of 453 Airbus jets in 2007 exceeded the prior year's figure by 19 and were carried out with the highest punctuality and highest possible standard of workmanship to date.

The entire delivery fleet surpassed the 5,400km milestone on 31 October 2008 and passed the 9,100km barrier. The Airbus Group has also extended its activities to include the field of defence aircrafts. A400M is a multipurpose A400M airliner manufactured under the direction of Airbus Militäry and will be used to fill obsolete C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transalls jets.

Air-to-air refuelling and transportation air carriers are also available in A310 and A330 versions. Airbus has always been committed to innovative excellence, and the airline is continuing its long history of delivering the latest designs, improved convenience, advanced styling, better performances, lower running cost and outstanding dependability.

A318 Elite, Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) and Airbus Prestige shares the same ratings as the Airbus Family, allowing each of them to operate under a common licence. The result is a large fleet of Airbus ACJ Family planes, as more than 25,000 flight crew members have been awarded the prestigious Airbus ACJ Family Award.

Bigger wide-body A330s, A340s and A380s maintain the same fundamental ground services characteristics and dashboard layouts as the Airbus A320 Family, allowing an Airbus certified pilots to switch between different models without difficulty. As a result, there are significant operating and commercial benefits for those operating a miscellaneous Airbus family. The company provides a full line of business, executive, public and institutional jets, from the A318 Elite, Airbus ACJ and Prestige to the A330, Airbus A440 and A380 wide-body jets.

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