Luxury Jumbo Jets for Sale

Jumbo jets for sale is the leading provider of luxury jet charter in the USA, call us or fill out our form to book your next private jet charter flight! Largest provider of luxury jumbo jet charter services Are you considering a jumbo plane charters? The Jumbo Jets offer a balance of high power, convenience and high-tech features. Jumbo jets have an avarage cruise rate of more than 600 mph - significantly higher than a lightweight plane - and an avarage flight distance of 4,500 mph, responding well to the needs of even the most time-critical schedules.

Whilst still innovative, an intelligent new breed of mid-size jets combines the flexibility of the lightweight jets to fly from smaller airfields, not accessible to merchant carriers, with the spaciousness and convenience of bigger planes. The jumbo jets often have in-house and outside luggage racks that can hold oversized luggage, skies, greens, etc., and soft booths that are often equipped with fully adjustable seating, a toilet, outside luggage racks, DVD, WIFI, satelite telephone, facsimile and a fully functioning kitchen.

Ultralong haul jets are promising - and delivering - a completely new interpretation of the flying event; a 14-hour ride that includes hour-long productivity, a fine dining snack, a good night's rest and a fast showers before this important encounter. Jumbo jets are a real buisness tools that should be used by your crew on your next charters.

Your next Privatjet Charters Inquiry. Jumbo Jets Privatjet Yacht Charter is just as much at home with the big names as it is with the big names to keep the worlds leading in their games. Connecting these important metropolises, the jets can reduce the size of the planet, freeze the clock and offer travellers all the conveniences of a home, coupled with the ultra-modern conveniences and vital connections of their offices.

Han Boeing 747 for sale at the "super cheap price" has got super

Have you always wanted to own your own personal jumbo jets? Specifically designed, the 89-seater, 65-foot privately owned Jumbo-Jet was created on the open air after more than 20 years of use by the elite. The book a jets that sells the aircraft described it as "a truly exceptional chance to buy a truly notable Boeing 747 Privatjet".

There' no prize for the airplane on the website - but similar jets are promoted for an amazing 26 million dollars, about 18 million pounds. A similar aircraft was last year in the USA to sell for scraps, for about 2 million dollars (1.4 million pounds). In addition, the specific power output of the Pan Am was designed at the wish of the now non-existent Pan Am to transport a full charge of customers non-stop on its longest journey between New York and Tokyo.

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