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Like a low-cost airline entering heaven on low-cost flights. Norwegian Airlines, sometimes referred to as'Southwest Airlines of Europe', makes a profit even though it undercut the US and overseas competitors' fares. Paul Solman, business secretary for the Guadeloupe archipelago, tells how the low-cost airline took a chance that the larger airlines would not take. However, first, a battle that brews over flights and cheaper travel to some quaint places.

Business secretary Paul Solman endured this difficult task, which is part of his week-long Making Senses television show, which is broadcast on Thursdays. for PAUL SOLMAN: France in the Caribbean, the Guadeloupe Isles. Fly to Guadeloupe? SOLMAN: Because emerging Norwegian Airlines, some call it Southwest Airlines of Europe, are now beating the few large post-merger airlines and their few overseas counterparts that are controlling, among other things, the US sky for overseas outings.

Not so Lindstrom from Norway. an anders lindstrom, norwegian air: The price is not therefore singular for a continental airline, it only shows how expensive the US airline is. SOLMAN PAUL: ANDERS LINDSTROM: We don't have all the decade of service and labour cost that airline companies tradition.

MICHAEL E. LEVINE, New York University: They are a new airline, their pilot have a low age of service, they have more prolific working relationships. SOLMAN: Packages, such as not using a hub and instead using non-stop points so that the pilot and flight crews can stay close to the airport they are in. This is the Southwest girl, right?

OTHERS LINDSTROM: Yes, it's a simplistic one, and that's something that goes over all the low-cost airline companies around the globe. SOLMAN: It seemed strange, however, that the major airline companies that flew to Guadeloupe in the 1970s had not been flying out of Miami except for a few flights of US companies for years.

The JEROME SIOBUD, Pointe-รก-Pitre International Airports, Guadeloupe: Norwegians took the chance and are now going full throttle. Jerome Siobud runs Guadeloupe International Airports. It says that because this is France in law, it is part of the European Union which, in the 1980s, decided to ban governments from providing money warranties to airline companies and, in essence, to compete for theirs.

So the US porters suddenly ceased to come. But when the Norwegian woman chose to test the US supermarket by going to Guadeloupe, which is now underserved, she didn't ask for them. In 2016, after three moths, we will have 42,000 passengers travelling to the USA. PAUL SOLMAN: An plus of more than 150 per cent in transport.

USA seemed ready for low-cost airline companies. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Transportation sat for two years on a Norway motion to extend the Atlantic Transat services. Americans don't want Norwegians to fly their planes. SOLMAN: The opposition? Major forwarders and their trade union. It is only with your help that we will stop this program that endangers the futures of US airline companies and their people.

PUL SOLMAN: This Airline Pilots Association movie entitled "The Wolf is at the Door" was shot against Norwegians. ANTHERS LINDSTROM: So they said we'd hire low-cost Asiatic workers to fly to and from the US, which is very wrong. SOLMAN: Once again, Norwegian Lindstrom.

OTHERS LINDSTROM: We have more flight attendants in the USA than any other major airline. So PAUL SOLMAN: So from your point of view this is just a classical example of how companies and employees try to save their own lawns or their own workplaces, their own profit? Yes, very much so. SOLMAN: But since the big carriers are making a profit after years of loss, their resistance is quite clear, says Levine.

You' re not really interested in seeing anyone else. Airline companies are worried that if clients have a free option, they will buy their ticket somewhere else from someone who will make them a better one. SOLMAN: The application of Norway was eventually decided on the date we were flying.

When we arrived in Guadeloupe we asked Anders Lindstrom about it. It'?s a big move. In the meantime, what is good for Norway is also good for Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board: Ninety per cent of our visitors come from the French continent. SOLMAN: And so the bargain with the Norwegians is cheap, no bells and whistles, to bring back the US tourist?

As an exception, it once helped us to be a Frenchman, to get an airline from the USA to the Caribbean. But $69 New York airfares and be careful! All we need is more Americans in Guadeloupe. MICHAEL E. LEVINE: You can do the kind of things we're discussing here quite well as a new, relatively small recess airline.

They are under pressure to make these other carriers less effective. Norwegian is challenged to find out how to expand and keep its advantage over the competition. This is something that many carriers have been failing over the years. SOLMAN: But it's not something Guadeloupe has to be worried about, it seems, for a while.

That' business journalist Paul Solman, who reports from France in the Caribbean.

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