Private Plane International Flight

International private plane flight

Tomorrow, enjoy an unprecedented journey on a private jet. " Customs will definitely be streamlined on private international aircraft," says Tivnan. Could you just go in and out of a country on a private plane?

Playing within the continental USA is very simple in comparison to almost any other place in the can. Basically, when one flies a plane, an aircraft flight schedule must always be submitted, even within the USA, as it makes no point to travel a plane under 18,000 ft (required from and above the aircraft flight).

Internationally, on the other side, it is a very different thing and totally dependent on where you want to go, where you want to go and at which airport you want to dock. Whereas the International Civil Aviation Organisation lays down the general rules according to which all nations are required to replicate their own standards

ICAO Annex 9 contains these specifications. In particular, this Directive shall apply to customs and immigration legislation applicable to aeroplanes, crews and travellers. While some parts of the globe are very relaxed and have few demands, many others can be complicated and restricted. EVERY international flight should include a General Declaration form containing information from ICAO Annex 9.

Each flight should include a passenger manifest unless it is included in the General Declaration. It may be necessary to take out supplementary liability insurance in order to comply with the particular needs of the country(ies) of destination. Well-organised flight departments flying to international destination on a regular basis should use a thorough check list to fulfil all possible requests so as not to cause unforeseen problems.

Not knowing the law of different nations is no apology! The Middle East and Asia are two example of how complex things can be and how important it is to have good know-how and to plan. Because of the possible difficulties that may arise from insufficient research and design, most private aircraft owners and even some charters use the International Flight Planner Providerservices.

Businesses that specialise in all the above areas and really reduce the difficulty of international air traffic! For flights to an international point to which you have never travelled before, the scheduling procedure should start as soon as possible before the flight. Approvals can take two or three week to obtain in some jurisdictions, although 3 to 5 day is more common.

Lastly, travellers (including VIPs) must be informed of the need to keep to their timetable, as changes in itineraries, late departure schedules, changes in flight details, etc. can cause major problems with changes in authorisations, slots, etc. It is my loaf and my Butter, but you have to know what they are doing so that they are not punished, punished or worsened in some cases.

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