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Coolest 10 Small Business Jets in the Universe Every second matters in today's global economy." If there is enough cash in your pocket, a sophisticated capital expenditure in the shape of a jet can certainly allow more work. With the Learjet 23, launched in 1964, the "Light Jet" category became a pioneer. The latest innovation is the "very light" or " personnel jet" category, which is less expensive and needs less take-off and landing area.

Only in the USA, very lightweight jet planes have direct connection to a small airport system of over 5,000 smaller regional airfields. Continue reading for ten of the most cool small businesses out there. Hondacraft Company's first civilian airliner, the HA-420 HondaJet, took off into the air on December 3, 2003. HA-420 HondaJet seats a max. of seven passengers (including crew), and the top cruising speeds of the 42-foot 7-inch plane are 483 milliph (778 km/h), with a remarkable 1,358 nautical range.

Honor announces that the highly awaited aircraft will be presented at the 2013 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition, to be staged October 22-24 in Las Vegas. Bombardier Aerospace published the Learjet 45XR in June 2004, an upgrade of the company's traditional super-light jet, the Learjet 45.

Learjet 45 was first launched on 7 October 1995 and launched in January 1998. The new Honeywell TFE731-20BR turboshaft allows the XR model to take off with a higher payload. In addition, it has a higher cruising rate and rises faster than the Learjet 45 series.

Bombardier says the XR is a " high flyer " that "flies higher, quicker and farther with more passenger and coverage versatility than any airplane in its category. "The Learjet 46XR has a top velocity of 535 milliph, a cruising distance of up to 2,300 nautical miles and a height of 51,000ft.

Further characteristics are 110-volt sockets, folding work tables and a "digital airplane telephone", which ensures that its up to nine guests don't miss a thing when climbing through the sky. The Beechcraft Premier IA is "the biggest, quickest and most progressive single-pilot commercial jet in the industry.

Premier IA, which is quicker, has more modern electronics and a bigger cab, was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 22 September 2005. The Premier IA can transport six to seven passenger and has a maximum velocity of 526 mbph and, if it carries five passenger, a cruising distance of 1,645 mile.

The CJ4 is the Cessna Aircraft Company's 7th jet to be launched in 2006, built on the Cessna Aircraft Company's 525. The CJ4, although known as the "Heavy Hit of Lights," stumbled upon an early stage when the FAA launched it in 2011 via temporary batteries, but meanwhile it is back in the market.

The jet, which is approved for single pilots, can transport a combined of nine occupants, has a max cruising distance of 2,259 mile and a max cruising rate of 519 km/h. The jet has a wide cruising distance of 2,259 mile. The Eclipse 500, launched by Eclipse Aviation on December 31, 2006, assisted in the development of the aircraft category "Very-Light Jet".

Featuring a capacity of up to six seats (including one pilot), the 33-foot 1-inch jet can achieve a top velocity of 425 milliph and has a cruising distance of 1,295 mile. The Eclipse Aviation V-Jet II is designed from Williams International's Williams V-Jet II and has been enhanced and modified. After Eclipse Aviation's winding-up in 2008, the company's asset values - the Eclipse 500 included - were assigned to the new Eclipse Aerospace entity.

In spite of the challenging launch for the new category, 260 vehicles were built between 2001 and 2008, and Eclipse Aerospace announced that the successor 550 would be available for shipment in 2013. The Phenom 300, first used in 2008, is a "light commercial jet" from the Embraer Corporation in Brazil.

It can carry a crew of nine and has a top velocity of 518 km/h, a cruising distance of 2,268 mile and can attain a height of 45,000 ft. Beechjet Hawker 400XPR is a small twin jet commercial aircraft that is designed to "meet your expectations".

400XPR is an upgraded version of the 400XP that offers greater reach and more advanced technologies. It has a max airspeed of 518 mbph and an elevation limit of 45,000ft. It has a cruising distance of 1,905 leagues while transporting up to four people. Also known as the 510 the Cessna Citation Mustang is a very lightweight commercial jet built by the Kansas-based aviation firm, Cessna.

This jet has room for four occupants and two crew members and was first launched on April 23, 2005. Driven by two twin PW615F turboprop turbofans, the 40-foot 7-inch jet has a top velocity of 480 milliph and a cruising distance of 1,343 mile. The Learjet 60 XR Learjet can carry up to eight people and two crew members.

Its two Learjet 60 XR jet units offer the jet a cruising distance of 2,773 mile and a top velocity of 522 km/h. The two Learjet 60 XR jet engine types have a maximum cruising distance of 2,773 mile. The Learjet 60, known for its climb rates, can climb 41,000 ft in just 18 min and 30 seconds. XR is a 2005 version with state-of-the-art aerospace engineering and enhanced interiors that began delivery in 2007 - and is currently the only 60-series jet in commercial operation.

This jet has proved its worth with companies and high-caliber personalities all over the globe and has also been used in various functions in the armed forces and government.

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