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How to get to the airport

TO/FROM THE AIRPORT. The passengers can leave the bus to Deák tér at Kálvin tér and Astoria. Arrival and departure from and to Sydney Airport T8 Airport & South Line operates from Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport, often leaving between 5 a.m. and 12 p.

m. 7 working days out. Inland Terminal - Elevators and escalators are accessed via Luggage Belt 1 in Terminals 2 and 3. From Terminal 1 Arrivals, take a right at Terminal 1 and drive to the end, or use the lift/escalator at check-in counter A. If you are entering or leaving the railway stations at Sydney Domestic Airport or Sydney International Airport, an additional charge will be levied on your railfares.

This charge is subtracted from your purchase of your single purchase tickets and is part of the price of a single purchase tickets. They are levied by the Airport Link Company, which has private ownership of the airports. Sydney Airport does not offer a 60-minute optical pick-up service. When you take off at the airport and take off again within one hours, you will be billed for two trips, two of which are stop charges.

As a result, you will receive two trips for your weekly travel award. There is no difference in the entrance charge for the ward, whether you use an Opal pass or a standalone pass, but trains with an opal pass are less expensive. Children/youth Optal pass or individual Optal passes; franchise and Gold Senior/Pensioner Optal pass.

Franchise and Gold Senior/Pensioner tickets must be requested, these tickets are not available at airports. If you travel by rail to or from Sydney Airport more than once a week from Monday to Sunday with an Optal ticket, the maximum limit for the Sydney Airport Rail way Fare per week will apply.

The entrance charges for the wards are not contained in your day or week-ticket. There is a lower entrance charge to the stop if you travel between other Airport Link railway stops, which include Green Square Stop, Mascot Stop and national and international airport stops. They calculate tariffs for opals and may include the entrance charge for the wards.

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