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D.C. Choose your exclusive ride in a black car, limousine, city car or SUV.

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Benefit from the many advantages of our portable application, which is now available for both iPhone and Android cellphone. Obtain on-demand with just one click on a single knob. Book a trip in the near term or arrange to be collected "immediately". Select from several auto services: Luxurious black auto, personal SUV or business policy.

With our Economy Plus service you can get to the airport or anywhere in the city! This inexpensive alternative picks you up in a Prius and takes you directly to your final destinations. The private luxurious limousine from Prime Time will cover your needs. If you want to make an impression on this corporate customer or just want to indulge in a tidbit that sets you apart from the classic luxurious automobile but doesn't want to go aboard in a limousine, First Class is the way to go.

Oversized non-stop service with 7-9 places.

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Well, what can I say, but, great service! on the date of my journey I had the starting point and thus the pick-up point incorrect by two Stunden. One call to AASS, and they organized a chauffeur to protect us from my poor co-ordination! Returning from our journey, we were postponed by a further 5 hrs and then called off.

Multiple calls to AASS with fixes, etc. and each call with a "No Problem". We' ve been using this service for many years and they have always offered us great service, from Holly in the offices to Eddie picking us up. This is another great round tour service from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland!

It' s about the fifth consecutive use of this great firm and every single visit went without a problem! Polite chauffeurs and immaculate limousines or SUVs. Sure. On this journey our 4-person familys and all our baggage was conveniently carried in a Ford SUV. There is no way we could be more satisfied with the whole booking and return procedure at the airport.

This service will be used safely on our next itinerary. Excellent service and secure travel from LAX to Long Beach. Wish they'd come and collect at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, but they'd see why they don't. Call two other limousine companies before this and both were extremly disorganised.

It was a really simple reservation and I am looking forward to the trip. I have had many problems with other limousine service in the past, but I cannot say enough good things about the All Airport Sedan Service. From the airport they took me back to my home for a plane stop later in the night.

Drivers and my plane got here early. It hit me directly when I came down the moving stairs (they let me decide whether the rider should hit me inside or on the curb). It was a really nice drive and the cars were really neat. Excellent service last Christmas during the last months. Driving was on schedule (actually early) both for my arriving at LAX and for the following return trip to LAX.

In fact, I sent them an email one overnight to tell them the next morning and they promptly replied, which was kind of them (it was really quite late-night!). I have used this firm on several occasion without any problems, but lately I have reserved my pick-up and pickup with them and got an email acknowledgement with the right date and times and come at that date and times... nothing.

If I have an e-mail from your firm that confirms my booking, how is that possible? There was no fucking way for me to fight with anyone, as I now had the hassle of crawling to find a last minute drive to LAX from Orange County. We will see if I get from the executive when I send them my e-mail acknowledgement asking them what actually went down and cancelling my back booking, if it's in the system at all, because I can't depend on a service or business that will send acknowledgements and not do them.

Book a trip to and from LAX, the trip to LAX was good. Picking up my pockets at the luggage reclaim and I think my rider might be caught in a jam. I waited 1.5 hrs on the curb with my pockets and called the firm 4 x, which they didn't reply. had to take a $200-plus cab to my desk.

What brought me too far to my next rendezvous, I will never use this firm again.... You can use the entire airport 2-4 x per year. At Holly everything revolves around service, remembering me verbatim by the tone of my voice - how is that possible!??! For the first in a long while, there's no one to come and get her.

CURRENT: Yeah, Mama used to love the drive and her chauffeur Vahag. Even though our chauffeur was quick, not kind at all, his cell seemed to look at his mobile for quite a while during the drive (he wasn't looking at GPS). Booking the journey by e-mail, I had to call the bureau to verify the pick-up and give my credentials (they said someone would call me, but from the previous day nobody did).

There were so many good ratings (that's why I posted them), so maybe it was just a poor tag for the rider. OMG, it's the only way to get to and from the airport. We had a personal transporter with a very competent and supportive chauffeur for 40 dollars more than a supershuttle would ever pay.

We' ve all recharged and gone out on the street with a lot of spare tiredness. When we returned to the airport after our journey, the same chauffeur waited for us in the luggage reclaim area to help us with our luggage. Parking it gave us the opportunity to take the opportunity to put the seat back in the truck and leave everyone alone.

Even though I have not used this service, I have received an immediate e-mail reply to my enquiry. In the end, I got another service because of the cost, but I am one who values a great service, so I want to confirm that here. I' ll take them to the airport with me any time!

From the inside out the vehicle was extremely neat and the best of all is the outstanding service. Moe' really great, and he's given me a lot. Thanks Moe for the great service.

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