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The Yellow Air Taxi was an airline based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Booking flights with Yellow Air Taxi. Find out about Yellow Air Taxi charges and the latest flight information. Locate the best Yellow Airtaxi airline tickets, book your flight and fly with Yellow Airtaxi at the lowest cost. Anyone know for sure if this airline is flying or not?

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4201 Ravenswood Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 3331212

YA was supposed to be my pilot.... It was planned to use YAT to fly 6-6-11, and I purchased my ticket in May. I was told that the aircraft was in the workshop and not even ready for the 3-day plan! They replied and told me that the aircraft was actually not functional and my trip was canceled.

You didn't even want to tell me until I went to Lauderdale for 5 hrs on the night of my trip! Agents said the aircraft hasn't been in service for a few days. When I asked about transfer fligths, reimbursements, etc. I was told by Beth, the executive that they could have the airplane back for my way back from the Bahamas, but that didn't do me any good as I couldn't get there at all!

I was not refunded because the plane had not yet been canceled and I did not want a useless one. So I went to my local banking office and submitted a dispute with the payment cards division about the service I had purchased but not received, or about the refund/ reschedule/switching of tickets if the ticket was canceled.

Surprisingly the next day, after my local branch had been threatening her cash, YAT started to call me and did so several numbers of the time, even sending me an email telling me that the ticket I had reserved on Monday had been canceled due to a recent accident they had noticed. Forgetting that they had been telling me for week that the aircraft was out of order, they lie to me about this "sudden event"!

Funny though, how quickly they start naming if the bench picks up a fee though. Luckily for me, I hadn't reserved any resort/hotels that I was losing, I was living with a boyfriend in his home in the abacos, so my data was flexibel, but I'm sorry for those homes who booked with them and paid in advance for amenities like resorts holidays or Bahamian hotel rooms.

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