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Comparison and booking of international ticket prices for ferries The website (the "Website") is a comparison of fares and schedules for ferries and trains and allows you to make reservations. While we do not run any own rail service or trains, any reservation you make through our website (or our call centres) for rail or sea travel is governed by these conditions and the conditions of the operator of the rail or sea travel.

The present Terms and Reservations shall govern all travel arrangements for ferries and trains, through this website or through our Call Centers and supersede all prior terms and reservations. You" means the individual making the reservation and any individual for whom the reservation is made through this Website or our Call Center is designated a "Customer" in these Terms and Conditions. 2.

For the purposes of these Conditions, the notion of " Service " means the service we offer, which includes the presentation of possible passenger ferries and trains for you and the connection to third parties on ferries and trains. The following conditions are valid for our reservation service. Operating companies''operating conditions') are made available to you before the conclusion of a reservation, which you also agree to with the reservation.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the operator's conditions that govern your reservation. If there is a contradiction or discrepancy between these conditions of reservation and the operator conditions, the operator conditions shall be applicable. Please note that it is very important that you and any client understand that we are operating this website and that the operator is liable for all trips on its ferries or trains.

While we may amend these terms and conditions from time-to-time, any changes will not affect all reservations you have already made. It is recommended that you store the terms and conditions of a reservation so that you can access them at a later date. Persons making a reservation through this website or our call center must be authorized to make a reservation on account of other clients.

Persons making a reservation are solely accountable for their activity on our website and protect all personally identifiable information provided, up to and data that includes password, name, password, pass and trip data. It is the responsibility of the individual making the reservation to make sure that all information provided is correct and correct. Bookings may result in your customer leaving and/or returning at or within certain specific hours and dates.

Failure by the client to comply with the stated schedules and deadlines may result in the client being denied the trip and/or his/her reservation specifications and accommodations being altered and/or extra fees being charged. Extra fees as provided in this section may be charged to your bank account or your bank account that you used in making a reservation without any further regard to you.

Car and cabin compartments and on-board accommodations are available and may not always be available. Action rates are amenable to supplemental terms and additional terms, which include a general provision that we or the Carrier reserve the right to charge you supplemental fees if any part of the travel route is not used.

Even if the operator changes its tariffs (including, but not restricted to, exchange rate movements, fuel costs, changes in legislation), we are entitled to modify all tariffs shown until a reservation is made. Objects such as trunks/bicycle carriers or other objects fastened to a car that is not part of the car chassis will be surcharged.

When making the reservation, it must be ascertained whether the provider has the equipment requested by a client. Please note that all departure/arrival dates are estimates by the owner and are given as locale dates - please see your reservation acknowledgement for full particulars. It is recommended to inform the tour operators about possible changes before starting the tour.

Timetables may be suspended and/or transit periods prolonged or canceled due to unfavourable meteorological and/or climatic and/or and/or climatic and/or navigational and/or other factors. Whilst we are not liable for any cost or discomfort incurred as a consequence of such circumstance, we will endeavour to inform you of the information provided at the moment of making your reservation.

The transport of livestock may be subject to a fee and further provisions may be laid down.

Before making a reservation, please consult your veterinarian or the competent authorities. For the transport of goods and utility cars specific terms and rates are applicable. Definitions of what a lorry is and whether a preferential fare is applicable are defined by the operator.

Lengths of 5 meters specially designed or modified for the transport of goods, whether or not they carry goods, are liable to preferential rates, as are all other specified rolling stock which carries goods or travels for business purposes. Should a motor car be reserved as a passenger automobile or privately owned motor vehicule but the operator designates it as a lorry, the full fare will be calculated and/or transportation rejected without reimbursement.

Utility craft longer than 6,5 meters designed or modified to transport 8 or more persons and/or not considered by the ferry service provider to be privately owned may be charged a different rate. The company and the user do not agree to book any vehicle transporting either harmful or harmful substances, even liquid gas propelled under certain conditions.

Under certain circumstance, the operator's authorisation may be obtained in writing, but this may be accompanied by supplementary fees and terms. They are accountable to the operator for the transportation of such material, whether registered or not. If you have not opened a loan with us, you must make payment for each reservation at the moment of making it before a bank transfer is made.

For company/business tickets there is a 2% supplement. A 2% premium is applied to debit card transactions by non-EEA banking institutions. Once you have contacted the Company to make a booking and paid in full for all of the clients falling under the Bookings, we will provide you with a confirmatory notification containing the particulars of your reservations and further information based on the information you provide.

By providing this form, you consent to the information we collect from our information system (or that of our suppliers ) as evidence of your reservation and its particulars. When paying by direct debiting or using a bank account key, the amount or account due will be deducted from the account at the moment of reservation.

Dependent on the nature of the ticket chosen and the number of people ( and therefore the value of the ticket) a £2 min. reservation charge (or the value in national currency ) will be added to the price of the ticket. An agreement between us and you is concluded as soon as the data has been verified to you either by means of an e-mail, phone, fax or by means of an online verification via our website.

We or the operator will either send you an e-ticket, or we or the operator will send you a ticket for your trip by e-mail. In the event that the ticket bought allows it to be canceled, the reservation may be canceled and reimbursed in accordance with these Reservation Conditions and the Operator's Conditions. You will be charged a £25 or 35[per booking] cancelation penalty as a minimal, whichever is the amount of money used for the reservation (or such other amount as may be posted on our website) plus any fees charged by the operator.

Promotion or promotion ticket may not be eligible for a refund and you should contact us at the point of reservation to determine if there are any extra requirements to your ticket which may prevent a return. In the event that the client does not make the trip on the boat or rail for which the reservation is made, the reimbursement to you will only be made in accordance with the respective operator's rules.

The operator can only change a reservation at his own discretion. However, the operator may change the reservation at his own expense. There may be a change charge on some reservations, plus a discrepancy between the price you book and the new price. Certain reservations, such as advertising or promotions, cannot be changed and you should contact the company at the point of reservation to determine whether or not your reservation can be changed.

The latest check-in hours are indicated at the moment of reservation and on the reservation acknowledgement. Failure by a client to embark the boat or rail by the latest check-in date may result in the client not being able to be boarded as they may have waited list acceptances. When a client has specific needs or has obtained our approval to transport pets or hazardous goods, he is usually required to arrive early as indicated on the reservation receipt.

It is the operator's complete judgement whether or not to allow a person, his/her car or his/her baggage on the vessel. It is your responsibility to ensure that the name on each customer's identity card is the same as the name on the ticket, otherwise the client may not be able to make the trip and any policy will be void.

They are accountable to the Company and the Provider for full compliance with these terms and conditions and any supplemental requirement prescribed by the Provider or by statute. It is also your responsibility to provide complete and precise information about your reservation, as well as the car and passenger. You are bound by any mandatory laws or conventions governing the reservation of ferries or trains and you are expressly referred to the Athens Agreement for the Carriage of passengers and their baggage by Sea 1974, which both places an obligation on the carriers and restricts their responsibility.

Trains not used by a passenger maritime transport operator are not subject to the Athens Convention. While you acknowledge and accept that we are not answerable for making the services available to you, you acknowledge and accept that we are not answerable for making the services available to you - which are provided exclusively by the Operator. Should an unforeseeable incident, which could not have been prevented by us or the operator with due diligence, make the trip considerably more difficult, we or you may cancel the agreement.

It is not our fault that we are not liable for information not posted by us, information posted on the operator's website, and we are not liable for the travel you make through us - this is the operator's own fault. a) a violation of any statutory obligation to exercise diligence; or b) a violation of these Terms and Conditions, and such warranty shall at all Times be restricted to an amount equal to twice the amount you have charged the Customer for a reservation.

Damage claim against us shall be restricted or precluded to the extent that the agreements to be supplied are subject to the application of foreign contracts or other statutory provisions which restrict or preclude our liabilities. This contract restricts the operator's responsibility for maritime occurrences and errors or neglect. Rates for future reservations will be posted from period to period on the website, except in cases of apparent errors.

Rates are subject to changes at any given moment, but changes do not alter already approved reservations, except as described above. Understanding and agreeing that we act as an agent between you and the Operator, you acknowledge and accept that we are not responsible for the Operator's service. This booking policy is subject to the law of England and Wales.

The English courts shall have exclusive competence to rule on any disputes that may arise out of the construction of these conditions. Should any term (or part of a term) of these Booking Conditions be found void, unlawful or ineligible by any judicial or other regulatory body of appropriate jurisdiction, that term or part shall, to the fullest extent necessary, be considered not to be part of this understanding with you and the invalidity and ineligibility of the other term(s) shall not be affected thereby.

A free cancelation cannot be deleted from a booking[& reimbursed] at any point after the sale. Applications for cancelation must be made at least 48 hrs before departure date. No refund will be given for cancelations made after this date or for missed boat reservations. Cancelations can only be made if the reservation is complete.

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