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Booking your flight to Anchorage, Alaska today! Bare man subjected by air traveler on Alaska plane ride ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A Alaska Airlines air traveler from Seattle to Anchorage glanced up from his audiobook to see a bare man screaming and driving toward the dashboard. "Thought it was some kind of attack," said Nick Steffl. On Monday evening, as the man turned the course around and ran to the tail of the plane, Steffl faced him.

This man was taken to a prison in Anchorage. Steffl, 30, was on his way to Alaska for a gig in our vacation business. This man was given a place two lines in front of Steffl near the back of the plane. It was Steffl who remarked on the man who saw a film he had seen, "The Disaster Artist".

So Steffl did not see the man taking off his clothing, but rather looking up to see him 15 lines ahead and walking forward. "Steffl said, "I could hear him screaming and shouting as if he was having a good old days, "Woo-hoo". The Steffl weights about 84 kilos (185 pounds). And Steffl fastened his safety harness and was standing in front of him.

Steffl said the young man went into "Bro" fashion. said Steffl. I' m in flying reaction after a dude ran into the dash after a September 11th plane out. Steffl asked the man in a profane manner what he was doing. He was beaten by Steffl. "Steffl said, I was the one who got violent."

In seconds, another of the passengers, perhaps the young man's dad, put his arm behind his back and accompanied him to the crews' work area, Steffl said. The cabin crews were swarming in and maybe they tied him up. The man cried out mad things out of view for the remainder of the plane, Steffl said. Feds called the man in Anchorage but kept him in the custody of the FBI, said FBI secretary Staci Feger-Pellessio.

Spokesperson Trudy Wassel said that the air field policemen had reacted to a "medical" event on the plane, but that non-disclosure regulations had forbidden her from making further comments.

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