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is a privately held company that provides airline tickets, fares, travel planning tools and travel consulting services. Questions about airfare comparison - Air Travel Forum I' ve used Fare Compare on several different foreign trips in the last 2 month. CTrip always develops the best rates - much better than the nearest competitor. However, every single times I choose the flight and fill in the detail of all passenger, it rejects us and says that these rates are no longer available.

What's my Q - how do I actually get tickets with the cheapest fare that occurs? I make "Select" the flight immediately, but it makes no difference). Most of these were SAA services from Johannesburg. Lower prices will be out of stock, as CTrip (never owned by them) will not have direct acces to airlines' prices.

The best thing to do is make your booking directly with the carrier, rather than following non-existent low rates. The CTrip has the best rates - much better than its nearest rivals. - It doesn't, as many third party companies advertise it just for a fare that doesn't even exists to attract you.

A big distinction is made between the promotional prices at Christmas Eve and the receipt of a paid subscription at Christmas Eve! DYY - simply directly with the airlines books - third parties cheats avoided -> like the Pest! Look for the CTrip posting. At the beginning of this year my boyfriend bought air travel using his services because he was a bit less expensive than the airlines.

Calling the carrier to try to reserve places, the carrier said they were ticket issues (illegally) with mileage. Finally, he recalled Ctrip and said they "made a mistake" and then exhibited duly prepaid fares. It' s quite natural, like many third party, this is a very recurring grievance, even some have payed and received confirmation then flights were cancelled because the fare was no longer available.......

"รข??My Q&A - how do I actually get tickets with the cheapest rates ever? Then they make the reservation on your name and, surprisingly, surprisingly, surprised that the tariff is no longer available. You will then hopefully be able to make the surcharge because you want to save this ticket.

If you like the price displayed for a particular route, you can usually make a reservation there and then and save it.

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