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Do you need a world travel planner? The experienced RTW planner said to me before he hung up: "I want to do something like this. With STA Travel you can create your imagination around the world to travel to a variety of destinations. Around the world travel planner. Make your very own circumnavigation.

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Build your own itinerary around the world with our Around the World e-mail enquiry forms. Detail will be sent to our worldwide staff who will provide you with a quotation on the basis of your itinerary. When you have a query about your planning, talk to a Round the World specialist by calling us at 0800 474 400 for free.

The STA Travel has a price beat guarantee so you can be sure that our offer is truly beatable. is that you have to go around the world!

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Make your very own circumnavigation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our travel specialists to design a tailor-made multi-stop flight so that your route can be as organised or flexibly as you wish! They will help you to put together your journey of dreams, with many references, tipps and advices.

Choose when you want to go and let us know if you can be flexibel with your appointments or not. So, you got your planes... what now? And we can help you schedule the remainder of your global adventures, from group trips, inns, coach passports, specialized tour insurances and more. Exclusively at STA Travelling, this adorable Schlaflied is the ultimate way to ensure you get the best deals on all your trips.

Include the best offer for both trips or even touring! The odds are that you'll make a big journey in your lifetime, so let's make sure you make the most of it! Utilizing STA's Blue Ticket exclusivity, our negotiating strength globally and our dedication to providing our clients with the lowest cost and most distinctive products in the world, these fares are not only low cost, but also highly customizable and affordable.

We at STA Travels follow the slogan "We know because we go" - and it's real! All of our tour operators have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in traveling because they have experienced countless wacky adventure. Have a look at some of their profile here and contact us for help with your itinerary!

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