Tiger Taxi


Auburn AL Tiger Taxi, Auburn, Alabama. Find other taxis in Colombia on YP.com.

Taxi Tiger Service Prices & Charges

Prices for up to two passengers: $1.50 for each additional 2 + number. $3.00 per capita for 5 or more persons (if several groups go to different places in Auburn). At any place over 25 mile away we can exceed the fare; just show the rider the fare and we'll outdo him!

Tiger Taxi Combat Service 1010 Chariot Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

The best taxi cabin in town! Drivers put forward strange theory on chemical paths, Obama was under Satan's control, the Holocaust never occurred, and Jews were responsible for the problems of the planet. Terrible experiment with a taxi rider. It used several secularities when I told him the corporate policies when it came to access to our corporate facilities.

You' d be better off using another taxi or other means of transport to get to your final goal. Great customer care. Came to pick us up from the LSU vs. Florida match when our first cabbie didn't pick up his number. Professionally, very neatly and fast. Tell a friend about this enterprise at any time. The best taxi ivue ever!

Cab was cleaner than any other cab I was in and less expensive. This taxi company is recommended very much! and I' m just gonna call a chauffeur, SAM. Your loved one will always enjoy sharing the talk. Beautiful tigers! He was always punctual and even had to help me with my accidents.

Yesterday evening my girlfriend dropped her cell telephone and phoned the taxi to see if she had kept it in the taxi. Then he went out of his way to send an SMS to my cell phone: "Don't call my hotline who is telling lies about your telephone that was in my taxi. Quick servicing, tidy cabin and a very friendly operator.

The tiger was used twice and it was a great and punctual help and very respectable. Very recommendable as it is the best taxi company in Baton Rouge. Thanks for your support. At first I phoned a Yellow Taxi and after 45 min. wait at La Berge Casino I phoned this taxi and you should get up in 20 mins.

I' m new to this area and I will call you all again, thank you. It was a great drive and the cars were very nice and neat. I' ll be recommending you to my co-workers when they get to Baton Rouge. You' ve really made an impression on me and I have to say that you are unique.

Thanks sir, I appreciate you bringing me to the terminal on schedule, I'm callingellow Taxi and you didn't respond. Well, I phoned several other businesses and the waiting period was too long. You were there for me when I phoned you & thank you. Incidentally, very neat cabin.

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