Affordable Aircraft for Sale

Aircraft Affordable For Sale

High quality aircraft sale at affordable prices! Flying your own airplane into the air Nick Tarascio has been a flyer with his mind in the sky since childhood, captivated by the liberty and thrill of flying. Eventually an airplane became his fixed idea. For more than 500 million dollars, the world's most costly personal aircraft was bought by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud, a Saud millionaire.

Today Tarascio, 33, the proud holder of the "Corvette of Personal Airplanes", has often taken to the air to enjoy the race's thrill without track marks and without cars. For a whim he will fill his airplane with buddies and go from his house in New York to Miami just because he can.

Shifting the residential aircraft markets in favor of the purchaser in recent years has made this type of living accessible to pilots everywhere. In the past it was a specialty to have a plane," added Mr Tarascio. There are many ways to own your own aircraft.

Privately-owned aircraft can also reach isolated areas, whereas commercially owned aircraft cannot. A further 3000 destinations exist throughout Europe, but only 10% are serviced by regular airlines. Most of the remaining space is used by personal aircraft. However, having your own aircraft is not as easy or inexpensive as having a vehicle. For example, a well-used aircraft can in Australia charge 1,750 US dollars for coastal to coastal travel.

A modestly used aircraft can even afford the price of an ordinary house. We have much more affordable choices in the prop aircraft industry. Well maintained airplanes could be 30-40 years old and only good for flying shorter distances, but it will just take you $20,000 to $40,000.

You want more than a propeller aircraft, but can't buy a whole one? NetJets, with operations in Europe, the United States and China, offers clients a small portion of a particular serially assigned aircraft from its aircraft portfolio, although they have the opportunity to trade it for another aircraft model best adapted to their particular aircraft.

After buying the aircraft, the three biggest expenses are gasoline, maintainance and crews, in that order, said Papariella. says these 200 lessons could be $30,000. Smaller Piper Cherokee models would cause half the annual operating outlay. Compared to this, in the USA, according to the American Automobile Association, the annual ownership fee for a mid-size limousine is over $9,000.

You can also reset park charges at large aerodromes at $200 per city per day in major cities, while a small aerodrome in Virginia's countryside could bill only $30 per city per day, Tarascio said. The storage of a mid-size jets in a hanger in high demanded areas could costs between 2.000 and 6.000 dollars per year.

Tarascio keeps money in the flight deck for overseas travel if he meets airline personnel who require paying-offs which, in his opinion, can sometimes occur in insular states and emerging states. Are you sharing your airplane to conserve money? Aircraft operators who are willing to divide their pieces of the air will make great economies by hiring or leasing their aircraft.

Enterprises like JE IT will be recruiting travellers from around the globe to hire your aircraft on an hourly basis for between $2,500 and $6,500, according to aircraft make. Chartering an aircraft for 300 hrs per year can halve yearly operating expenses. On the other side, a JumpSeat programme for privately owned jetshare in the USA enables aircraft operators to "sell" open spaces on scheduled outings.

Humans can then buy a commercial on line at a price (from $500 for a quick ride on a mid-level to $12,000 for a cross-country trip on a high-end jet) provided by the aircraft operator (the operator will ensure that potential customers are not on the "no-fly" list). Whilst you can find a privat jumper via the Ebay on-line auctions platform or are quoted in classified ads such as James Edition or AvBuyer, many aerospace professionals suggest that due to the complexity of the matter, such as making sure that the mechanism is at least working, you consult a real estate agent.

Jetcraft, the Dubai and Basel headquartered Jetcraft agent, and Avpro, the Maryland-based corporate jet agency, can roam the globe to find aircraft that meet a customer's budgets and wish lists. Sites such as and sell a broad selection of used aircraft.

It is particularly important as the warranty period for new aircraft is only five to seven years and the new owners assume full liability for any possible servicing cost at the end of the warranty period. "We have had first-time purchasers who buy a used aircraft and take it to us, but then we realize that they made a big error because it takes more cost to repair it than it did to buy it," said Tarascio. 1.

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