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We DEVELOP ITINERARIES WORLDWIDE AND COMPARE THE BEST RTW-TICKETS and offer the perfect solution for your journey of a lifetime! More details about our world trip with children. The planning of your first world trip can be daunting.

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Travelling around the world

We travelled the world for 13 moths in 2014 and 2015. So if you're considering a long-term trip and need some inspirations, or just want to find out what we've done, here's our route around the world. Of the 13 month period, nine were in Asia. One of the cheapest places to go is Asia, so our funds could go on here and help us meet our budgets.

Secondly, it is a long journey from the eastern US to Asia, so we wanted to thoroughly discover this area while having the luxuries of it all. Eventually there is SO MUCH to see in Asia, a completely new land for us before we started this trip around the world.

Less of our stay was taken up in more costly markets such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We didn't even make it to Japan on our initial route just because it could be so costly, but we added it anyway. So we didn't go to South America on this route.

First of all, we ran out of work. Hi world, here we come! That was just enough spare tire for our luncheon in Nyhavn and before we knew it, we were on our way to Rome. Our intention was to get into this new way of travelling in a place that seemed a little bit intimate.

Because we didn't want to get along with cultural shocks, strange places and a new travel lifestyle all at once, Italy made it our first goal. Following a stay of several day in Berchtesgaden we have made Garmisch-Partenkirchen our hometown. Six week long we went on an epidemic roadtrip through South Africa.

Turning this stop into a stop, we spent only three nights here, just enough alone to ascend the world' s highest mountain and enjoy a cappuccino with a golden glass, before coming to Asia. Our whole route is scheduled to be in Nepal by the end of September, the beginning of the Everest Base Camp hiking year.

However, we have used our chance from one and a half weeks early to minimise the number of persons on the way. Due to the high costs per day we almost did not take this into our travel route. However, because we had Nepal and India on our route, we were so near Bhutan that it seemed a pity to jump over it.

Adding Bhutan to our worldwide travel plan was a great choice. Today Bhutan is one of our favourite places in the world... it is tropical, quiet, incredible beauty and a singular tourist attraction that we visited with great luck. The big trip through India began in Siliguri on Diwali.

A few nights later we went to the cold, foggy city of Darjeeling and Mumbai, where we drove to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho and Kolkatta. and Kara was homesick. It' s no mystery that we weren't big Indian supporters during our five-week stay here.

Actually, we have been considering skip the last few days, shorten our route and go early to Myanmar or Thailand. However, our times in India have transformed us in so many we are travelling, who we are as a whole and how we think about our place in the world. Myanmar was where we stayed our first few days in Rangoon to get visa for Thailand, do some visits and learn about things like home schooling and how to plan our trip in the near term.

Astonishing Bangkok is an excellent base from which to explore Southeast Asia. After spending several working hours here, we went to Krabi, Thailand. Nine Krabi day later we returned to Bangkok and jumped by train to Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. On our most so far never-to-be-forgotten New Year's Eve we spend the whole evening shooting Christmas lamps into the skies, a singular and never-to-be-forgotten Thai-event.

There was only one weekend in Laos and that wasn't enough work. We were disappointed with Laos and I wish we had stayed longer. After we left Thailand behind, we drove down the Mekong for two whole day, our trip ended in Luang Prabang. It was a pleasure to discover this small town in the Laos jungles.

He and I stayed two whole fucking weeks in Cambodia. During our first visit we explored the temple around Siem Reap. Out of Siem Reap we stayed several nights in Phnom Penh, visited the Killing Fields and ended up in the beautiful little Kampot. Our stay in China was exceptional, from a walk on the Great Wall, a visit to the fortified city, biking through the amazing landscape of Yangshuo to a visit to Zhangjiajie.

Hongkong was just as astonishing, although our trip to Macau was a small disappointment. From Taiwan our plane to New Zealand passed through Fiji, so we plunged into paradise for a great weekend. We relax in the culture of Bali, Ubud, followed by windsurfing and Seminyak beaches for the much needed relaxation period.

When the end of our journey appeared in the far away, we started to jump from land to land and tried to see as much as possible before this stunning experience came to an end. Five day long we went through the sights of Singapore and then jumped to Kuala Lumpur.

At the age of only one weeks we stayed a few nights in Seoul and then a little bit of free travel on the island Jeju. It is also extremly warm and unpleasant during the high season month. "The thing is, we didn't have a home because we were selling it for this trip, but it still felt great to return to our city.

A few and a half day in the stunning of jetlag, we travelled LA before we flew to New York City. Feeling great to join the points on the chart and return to the point of departure of our journey around the world. Only because our world journey came to an end, our journeys did not have to end.

We are now homeowners, we work full-time and we have two children in the governmenteschool. Yet we find the times to journey. To us, a trip around the world has not quenched our longing for faraway places. Now we are travelling every opportunity we have, travelling to new lands and discovering parts of the USA that are new to us.

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