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About air could be your answer. Uber's Skyports are the gate to on-demand air traffic. Air could already take air taxi services to the metropolitan area by 2020. According to the company's ambitions for on-demand air travel, small electrical planes will take off from traffic hubs known as "skyports" throughout the town. Über has ordered a number of possible Skype port themes to show us what the prospects for on-demand air taxi could be.

Designed by architects Gannett Fleming, this Sky Port has "acoustic baffles" that could guide the sound upwards (and not down onto the road) and manage 200 aircraft per hours taking off and arriving every 24 seconds. The Uberer ski ports would be constructed in existent junctions around the town, connected by means of mass transit and heavily frequented motorways, to become part of a "multimodal" approach to relieve the flow of people.

UberAir airplanes can take off and landing in the most confined space. UberAir airplanes can be designed with the help of UberAir's own special technology, such as this Skyport concept by Humphreys & Partners. A number of sky ports could be piled up in large towns to grow with the growth of UberAir. The Arup and Pickard Chilton designs have eight individual Sky ports layered together.

Airplanes could recharge on several internal planes, and when it comes to take-off, they would move via an automatic lift into the open take-off area ( or onto the roof ). The construction of sky ports on already established streets and motorways would make it easy for travellers to get to their closest sky port by other means of transportation, while the impact of road traffic would be less conspicuous.

The Beck designer office designed this tender of a possible UberAir ski port, which consists of several launch and landing-pad piles on top of each other. About says it will keep construction cost low by using legacy infrastructures such as sky scrapers and UberAir port parkings. Uber's sketch shows a piled sky port constructed on a multi-storey park construction.

Uber says in the near term that more level could be added to this roof-mounted sky port as UberAir expands. A further module concept, this one by Corgan, a designer, combined several six-sided sky ports linked by a motorway with lower passenger arrivals from a train terminal. Corgan's sketch shows two Sky ports side by side, with the railway yard and the commute square on the lower floors.

Using this draft, planes in a model from Fig. 8 could fly around to touch down, drop off air travelers, climb on new air travelers and then take off on the other side.

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