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Private Air SA, a Meyrin based flight operator, offers regular flights and commercial flights for large companies. Furthermore, the enterprise runs crewing and piloting schools. PrivAir SA is a licensed air operator with two Air Operator Certificates in Switzerland and through its affiliate PrivatAir GmbH in Germany.

PrivateAir specializes in regular and charters medium long-haul aircraft. Geneva Airport is the principal basis and the contractually agreed business locations are dependent on the latest planned business agreements, e.g. Frankfurt Airport, which works for Lufthansa. PrivatAir's business aviation division offers services in the areas of aircraft management, aircraft sales & acquisitions, aircraft charters, AirClub (Corporate jet alliance), PrivatJetFuel (fuel management) and ground services (PrivatPort).

PrivateTraining is an in-house education division focused on industrial automation, industrial automation, industrial automation, industrial automation and industrial automation. It also offers private jets operator education programs to help them meet their compliance requirements. In addition to private and business charters, PrivatAir also provides long-term regular air transport operations on contract for various multinational carriers.

Lufthansa in April 2015 announces that it will be reducing its exposure to PrivatAir with the closure of the Frankfurt to Dammam service by the end of October 2015[7] PrivatAir also operates services to Libreville,[8]Pointe-Noire,[8]Accra,[9]Bahrain[10] and Tel Aviv[11] on Lufthansa's order; these services were closed every few years before.

PrivatAir also flies ECAir planes headquartered at Maya-Maya Airport until October 10, 2016, when ECAir ceased operation.

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