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Make a reservation for your private Van Car service in New York City today! Offering the most reliable and safe drivers + the cleanest and most environmentally friendly taxis in Van Nuys and surrounding cities. Value Van Taxi & Car Service - 35 Pictures & 16 Reviews - Taxis - Saratoga Springs, NY - Phonenumber

Poor experiences of honeymoon parties travelling from the Hall of Springs to the Hampton Inn, with the chauffeur arriving 1.5 hour ahead of the groom's family. Visitors were informed (without the groom's parent's knowledge) that they would not be able to get out later due to a show at Spar, this predicament was never referred to in the initial covenant.

I had a good first trip. At 1am they collected me from Albany International and took me quickly to the place of my choice. You didn't give me much telling me that I wanted to reverse the actual reservation and book a new one. Fortunately, there are other more dependable taxi rides in the Saratoga Spring.

Our times are shared between Saratoga and Arizona and we must be transferred to the Arizona International Airports from case to case for early departures. In the past we had trouble with Palmer Taxi and Saratoga Hybrid Cab not appearing for early pick-up, so we tried Value Van.

Our landlord came and fetched us in a beautiful minivan to take us and our baggage to the airfield. Saratoga Hybrid sent us a Prius in the past and bringing our baggage was - let's say so - a challenge. It is an activity that prides itself on servicing its clients, and this is really important in this part of the globe because it is too infrequent.

Nice cab business! Punctual, great door-to-door service, polite, very kind and a great chauffeur. I will definitely call them for my taxi needs in the near future. Best taxi in Saratoga! Reliable, punctual, inexpensive, neat cars and great chauffeurs!

UND they DO NOT duplicate the rates if you advance booking (unlike the Saratoga Hybrid). Excellent service all around and I am planning to use it on a regular basis! Never did I make a booking with this firm because of the terrible service they offered to my group when they asked for the prices. Today, there is a long way to go with service.

It is my suggestion not to even consider this undertaking. By treating prospective clients that way, think of how they are treating clients who are paying for their service. We' ll go to the cab service from here! It is very simple to arrange an early drive to the internationalport. It'?s not really a good trip.

l loved that taxi business! He' s quick, polite, very kind and a great rider. I will definitely call them for my cabin needs in the near future. During the Labor Day week-end we were camping in Corinth and needed a drive to the sports club to see a gig.....

Value not only gave us the best value, the opportunity to make an early reservation and collect on time, but the same chauffeur who took us there collected us within ten moments of the call for a drive back to the warehouse when everyone else at SPAC went crazy to take a cab.

{\pos (192,210)}He literaly made at least 2 dozen phone call during our 15-minute trip back so we felt so happy that he was good enough to recall us and go back! I used it on Christmas Day to keep my distance this sommer. Courteous and neat vehicles and on schedule!

Gonna give them our deal every single one.

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