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Oldtimer aircraft for sale

High quality used antique and classic aircraft for sale. The Warbird & Classic aircraft sale Our disposals were made with minimal distress and an outstanding degree of professionality in the sometimes complicated proces. We' ll certainly think about using platinum again in the near term when we make the decision to find a new home for our collecting aircraft. Platinum most recently supported our company in the acquisition of a Boeing B-17G and FW-190.

It was an efficient and effective deal that enabled us to complete it smoothly." Business with them was conducted in advance, uncomplicatedly and honestly. This sale was conducted in a professional and courteous way to us and the buyer."

Actual stock for sale

Also because of our engagement in the classical antique market, we welcome the possibility to mediate and resell your aircraft.

Before an antique classic is put up for sale, we are in a privileged situation to assess it, not to speak of advising a potential buyer. When you want to immediately own an antique classic and want to take a flight, take a look at these pages....and call us at 507-331-8446.

Classical aircrafts for sale - Classic aircrafts for sale

Ancient aircraft directories offer purchasers the opportunity to conduct a targeted quest for aircraft that are no longer in production. Lots of aircraft fans like to own classical aircraft, not only are ancient aircraft enjoyable to ride, but there is a feeling of the nostalgia to own a bit of aeronautical heritage. Ancient aircraft conservation has also become a favorite diversion for many individual travellers, as refurbished aircraft bring greater value to aircraft auctioning and dealers.

Every aircraft featured contains year, make and scale, and many lists contain photographs of the aircraft itself. Please note: The seller's site is not always the aircraft's site.

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