What's the best Private Jet to own

What's the best private jet you can own?

But there are some catches. How high are the operating costs of a private jet? There are two separate salons, a cabin room with its own salon, which even the best hotels in the world cannot compete with. Discover what a celebrity private jet really is! You do not own, operate or manage the aircraft with which you will fly.

Twenty private planes and the famous people who own them.

Privatjets represent another stage of achievement, styling and journey. Face it - we all dreamt of getting on our own private jet and getting to a tropic paradise or a fancy ascent to heaven in the town. It is even better when we see how every celebrity creates the interior of his valuable private jet.

Luxury and decorative to laughable, here are 25 private jet's in the possession of prominent people you will hardly believe! The Travolta has 7 aircrafts - among them also: 707, Bombardier Challenger 601, 727 and three Gulfstreams. Travolta has made his passion for airplanes known in recent years and has even built two tailor-made airstrips for his aircraft on his Florida site.

Although flamboyant, such a multi-million dollars home makes perfect for a man who has seven aircraft, among them a Boeing 707, a Boeing 727 and three Gulfstreams. Travolta is such an aircraft enthusiast that he is now himself a skilled driver after completing a Qantas course. Winfrey has a Global Express XRS Jet that can carry about 10 people.

Bombardier Global Express is a favorite among Hollywood's top people. The Global Express XRS is known for its extremely wide-ranging features and is the ideal companion for those with busy appointments like these Hollywood heavies. Driven by two Rolls-Royce BR710 power plants, the jet can reach a height of up to 51,000 feet and can travel up to 16hrs without refueling.

Featuring a roomy full grain cowhide cabin for eight to 14 occupants, the bath and kitchen are equipped with luxury design features. Its private Boeing 757 is as luxury as never before, featuring a fully equipped twin berth, a large living room with couches, golden highlights and even a marine sofa.

Madeiraastermind Tyler Perry possesses a Gulfstream III. A new Gulfstream III has a basic cost of about $65, so you can see how much this private jet has been altered. Gates has commissioned Microsoft company Bill Gates to build a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, technologically controlled by Challenger Administration LLC.

The Gulfstream V is one of the most powerful private jet aircraft in the whole hemisphere. There is room for up to 16 people and it flies almost as quickly as the velocity of noise. The Gulfstream IV has a cruising distance of 7,820 km and can travel up to 45,000 ft. with a capacity of two persons and space for up to 19 persons. fbq('track','ViewContent'); Russia's millionaire and Chelsea Football Club holder, Roman Abramovich, has a custom Boeing 767.

It can accommodate 350 seats in an airliner setting, but the private jet edition features extraordinary luxurious executive interior spaces with optional features such as a 30-seat dinner room, meeting room, master bedroom, luxurious bathroom with shower and roomy lounge. The Bandit, as the airplane is called, is considered one of the most secure airplanes in the word and is most often left at Harrods Aviation at Stansted Airport near London.

The Gulfstream IV has a cruising distance of 7,820 km and can climb up to 45,000 ft. with a capacity of up to 19 people and a crewing capacity of two persons. The Star Wars star Harrison Ford has several aircraft, among them an Aviat A-1B Husky, DHC-2 Beaver, Cessna 182, Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, 929 variants of Waco Taperwing and a Bell 407 heli.

Ford is a certified driver of a fleet of eight airplanes, including the Cessna 680 Sovereign, a long-range jet. With nine seated passengers and a seating capacity of 12, the verdant airplane is regarded as a trans-continental airplane with a speed of 848 km/h (527 mph) and a height of 14,000 meters (47,000 ft).

Ralph Lauren, a modern clothing stylist, has a Hawker private airplane and a Gulfstream G650. The entrepreneur Richard Branson has a Falcon 900EX. The actress Angelina Jolie has a Cirrus SR22. Elvis Presley, a legendary skirt, had a Convair 880 Jet which he called "The Lisa Marie". "It is known worldwide as Air Force One when it transports the most mighty man in the word around the planet - and this highly modded airplane is adapted accordingly.

These large private jet planes were called "White House on Wings", with an area of 4,000 m² on deck. Its front is similar to that of the White House and the presidential suite consists of a bed, showers, washbasins, doubles and a private bureau.

When it comes to safety, the aircraft is equipped with some of the world's most advanced anti-intrusion measures, such as encoded communications cables, and is even capable of withstanding the impact of electro-magnetic impulses such as those produced by a atomic explosion. When Steve Jobs became Apple's chief executive officer, he received a Gulfstream jet from Apple.

It has a Cessna Citation 501, a Cessna 414 dual motor support and an Emivest SJ30. Warren Buffett, millionaire and economist, has a Gulfstream IV SPjet. "Jimmy Buffett" has his pilot's licence and has a Hemisphere Dancer, a Grumman Albatross and a Grumman Goose floatplane.

Thanks to his Gulfstream G550, Tiger Woods can now take any course in the sky with him. G550 has the capability to perform more than 12 hour non-stop flights of over 12,000 km, can easily accommodate 18 occupants and reach heights of up to 51,000ft. Known for its luxurious styling, great lighting and view, the G550 cabins - Gulfstream aircraft have conical, broad, oval window - and all feature an integrated toilet and closets.

Nearly the last thing we have is a Boeing private jet that was turned into a luxurious house. Would you like to travel by air and forget that you are on a flight? Boeing has been offering its aircraft for private party or government sales for years as part of its BBJ programme.

but we thought you should see it anyway. Now for the great final of the private jet of the wealthy and celebrities..... Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud ordered this Airbus A380, the world's largest private jet, in 2008 for a small amount of 487 million dollars.

s and Emirates and can carry 800 people 8,000 nautical miles before refueling. There was also a special praying area in which computer-generated matting was moving to point towards Mecca. Well-known as Warren Buffett of the Middle East for his fame as a clever investment, the western-educated 57-year-old Prince had a stock of private aircraft, among them a Boeing 747 and an Airbus 321.

A 280ft super yacht, 5KR, formerly in the possession of Donald Trump, which was shown in a Bond movie, was also purchased.

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