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Free taxi fare calculator for Athens. Simply enter the start and end addresses to calculate taxi costs in Athens. A new price sheet will follow shortly. Please contact us for information on our taxi prices.

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Hints and tips for taking taxis in Costa Rica

Taxi's in Costa Rica are a secure and popular means of transport for local people and visitors. In Costa Rica there are almost 14,000 vehicles in the county and you will see cabs almost anywhere you go, whether it is a tourist or not. A taxi may be a good choice if you do not want to travel by means of local transport, which can sometimes be sluggish and there are no itineraries to all places.

When you visit Costa Rica for the first in your life, here are our advice for taking a taxi with you in Costa Rica. Offical cabs in Costa Rica are like the one below in color pink. You' ll immediately see the differences between a classic taxi and a classic one. On Costa Rica the cabs are REED and have the golden lights on the top and a golden delta.

When you are in San Jose you will see something like TSJ001 (TSJ means taxi San Jose and the numbers tell you the taxi number), in Heredia you will see the records TH, in Limon TL, etc. Arriving at San Jose International you may see a taxi in color instead of in color instead of in color.

This taxi group is exclusively for the area. Safety tip: If you're in San Jose and the taxi has a Puntarenas platter, don't take it. In Costa Rica, offical cabs can only collect travellers within their own provinces. They are popularly called "taxis piratas", which means taxi-driver.

They can calculate anything they want, they do not have the same coverage as the legitimate ones and they are not so sure. As in any part of the globe, some taxi riders will try to exploit tourist or non-working individuals by demanding more or refusing to use the counter.

Costarican legislation requires every taxi rider to use the counter (Costa Rica name for "MARIA" counter). When you have the option of asking a locals before taking a taxi, it will be very useful. Costarica has a good transport system that could get you where you want to go for less cash.

As with all forms of transport, however, it can take longer and you will have to run a little. Though if you have the likelihood, try asking a locals how much for a taxi from wherever site to wherever site would be and what would be the best way to get where you need to go.

The majority of Costa Ricans will help you and you will have a good time, but always keep your eye open and use your sanity. When you travel in Costa Rica for a safer journey, try to prevent these 10 errors. Costa Ricans take very much notice of their automobiles, so please don't knock the doors shut when you shut them.

About Costa Rica is frankly so much better than cabs. Don't get me wrong, cabs are necessary, but like everyone else, we loathe the permanent taxi bathing when we walk out of the airports or along the highways. Whenever we are in San Jose we use Uber, even if we have a vehicle because it is inexpensive and we don't have to use it.

It'?s only in San Jose right now. Browse our hints for using Uber in Costa Rica. And if you like this item, please join us on Facebook for more travelling advice and inspirations for Costa Rica! Would you like to know more about travelling in Costa Rica? Attach the contribution "Tips for taking a taxi with you in Costa Rica" to Pinterest.

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