Ny Jets Woody Johnson

# Ny Jets Woody Johnson #

Jet's proprietor Woody Johnson: I'm bringing up my two boys to be just like Donald Trump. Jets lost their three games and were looking great in Sunday's 34-16 victory over the Broncos at MetLife Stadium. The jets were looking good this year, too. That' exactly what Kelvin Beachum's saying in the dressing room right now. New York Jets and fourthback Sam Darnold were hosts to the Denver Broncos in NFL Week 5 on Sunday.

Beachum, the jets' equipment on the right, is one of the older Jets' men of state at the 29th. Calling Sunday's victory a "maturity game," he said it was getting ready for his squad to "grow up" and bring that kind of strain back together this weekend against the Colts. "lt always begins in the office.

Exercise makes perfect, training is even better," Beachum said. "Where we have no punishment in practise, where we have no (mental) error in practise, where we have even more power during the whole weekend with the same kind of power we had in practise.

If you get into a rythm and do the right things over and over again - you show up punctually during your workout, you show up punctually during your workout, you show up punctually during your movie, you just do everything right and consistent. Jets took 512 yards of offensive against the Broncos.

This was the best performance since 2013, but Beachum refused to be too happy about the result. "It' s great to get a victory, but at the same we have to put things in perspective," Beachum said. "There were a number of courts we kept out on the offensive, we could have been more effective with the games we had.

It' not often that you get to run 60 or 70 Yards for a single move in the hand. One has to find a way to maintain rides, put rides together and we had a few rides at the beginning of the match where we began with three and three exits."

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