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Downtown Taxi Inc. Excellent customer care. Well, I phoned a few days in advance to drive to the plane the next day. So when I phoned the taxi firm to verify the taxi's state, they said they had no records of me making such a booking. I' m frustrated by the (missing) services and will not call City Taxi again because I know I can't rely on them.

Excellent services, fast and helpful. It is a very proud enterprise in terms of client services. Although, as they were not able to make taxi facilities available to me because of Nebraska transport statutes, they were great proud in ensuring that I found transport to the airport and followed up to make sure it did happen. Local " and licensed cabs were impolite and utterly useless and could take less notice of the client or his needs.

You need sound competitive conditions and essential customer care and interaction skills education. Nebraska State needs to modify its taxi license requirement so that companies that want to offer good services to their clients can do Omaha subway operations.

Although I was not near them, they were helping me to find a taxi firm that I could call, was their client services and the welcome was great! Trying to use the metro I was just puzzled. That made me wonder how much it would take to get a taxi there and back.

So I started to call different taxi companies in the area... the price was between $12 - $19 for one distance... which really was $24 - $38 for the whole distance. {\pos (192,210)}I phoned the last taxi company in the area, City Taxi, with little belief that I could afford it. It was my first taxi ride, and overall I would say it was a marvelous and enjoyable one.

Once again I will definitely use this facility and recommend it to all my buddies who are living here on my campsite.

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