Sri Lankan Airline Office in Colombo

Lankan Airline Office in Colombo

Headquarters SriLankan Airlines SriLankan Airlines Ltd., Airline Centre, Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka Phone: The SriLankan Airlines Ltd (City Office) in Connaught Place, Delhi, is a top company in the Airlines category, also known for International Airlines and much more. Since I come from the Ukraine and there is no local SriLankan Airlines office here.

SriLankan Airlines

srlankan Airlines is the flags of Sri Lanka. The headquarters is located in Katunayake, Sri Lanka, with its turnstile at Bandaranaike International Airport. Sri Lanka conducts services to Asia, Europe and the Middle East as well as codeshare services to USA and Oceania. Sri Lanka was founded in 1978 as Air Lanka after the operation of the former Sri Lankan airline Air Ceylon was discontinued.

When Emirates took over part of the company in 1998, it was renamed "SriLankan" and started the actual painting process. Once the Emirates relationship has ended, the company's name and emblem will continue to be used. It currently offers 258 daily departures per week to 33 locations in 20 different counties, serving the major European, Middle Eastern, South-East Asian and Far Eastern metropolitan areas, as well as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Bangkok office address of Srilankan Airlines

Recently I was in Bangkok, I had my own plane with Sri Lankan airline companies. Because I wanted to cancel my trip, I had to find the office of Srilankan Airline in Bangkok Downtown Thailand. Looking for the web site I found everywhere the following web site of Sri Lankan airline companies in Bangkok:

Take a cab and get to the above adress, but unfortunately I didn't find the office there. I then asked one of the information counters in that basement turret, and they said I should walk a few yards further. But I found exactly the place where the Sri Lankan airline has an office.

The new office location can be found below. Actually you don't have to be too far away from Issara Towers, it's only a few [about 200] metres away, but the full Sri Lankan Airlines addresses are below: Actually, I had to ask a friend near the street, but eventually I found them.

He was on the twenty-fourth at Wall Street Tower on Rama IV Street. If you take a taxi rider with you, just ask him to go to the Wall Street Tower on Rama IV Rd and then you can go to the twenty-fourth level where you will see the office of the Sri Lankan airline companies.

There' s also an office at Suvarnabhumi airport, but as you may know the airport is very far from the town, so if you are somewhere in town and want to find the office, you can find it easy at the location I wrote in the mail and you can answer your questions there.

Office personnel were not very kind, but it was okay because I didn't want to make friends with them - I just wanted to make a date difference to what they did.

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