Wasilla Taxi Service

Vasilla Taxi Service

Sign up FREE to read real reviews and see reviews for Wasilla, AK Taxi Services in your area to select the right one per shuttle. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Alaska Cab Valley in Wasilla, AK. Taxi In the MatSu Valley, A cab is an independently owned taxi service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, service to Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake, Sutton, Palmer and Houston. It is our great pleasure to ensure secure and dependable transport with our experienced driver team to meet your transport requirements. Our highest aim is to satisfy our customers with exact waiting time.


I have been informed that another competitor claims that there is another taxi firm that poses as another taxi firm and misrepresents that it is working with another taxi firm or has a commercial connection with another taxi firm. Here at Mr. Taxi we have never said that we work with or have a relation with any other taxi companies, regardless of who they are or what colours their vehicles have.

So if you are a customer of Mr. Taxi or a customer of another taxi firm here in the Matsu River Basin, you may find that all our cars are different than in any way that we will never do Business with or have anything to do with another taxi firm in the Matsu River Basin or Anchorage Area that we compete with as an independant firm.

In case you have any problems with another taxi service that claims to work with Mr. Taxi, please let our offices know immediately by phoning 357-4600 and you can ask for the Teresa dispatchers or ask for Ken, we will take care that other taxi services are not offensive or resentful and will not cause any damages or damages to our cars, driver,

Clients this has been a constant problem with certain taxi businesses because they do not like that we are in shop and everyone who drove with Mr. Taxi knows exactly what we are speaking about, so this is my pledge to you,1) You will get a secure, dependable transport from Mr. Taxi regardless of what happens with any other firm offering transport in Matsu Valley if you have any queries you can call me at 357-4600.

In no event shall we tolerate (slander) or (defamation) against this enterprise in any way and shall pursue them as far as possible.

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