Airline Reservations

Reservations for airlines

Based on an electromechanical basis, the reservation systems of the airlines developed together with the computer and aviation tests. In order to make a reservation for a flight from Flint's Bishop International Airport, please click on the airline's website and call one of the numbers below. To begin booking flight reservations Bring some of the disappointment of your next journey with you by making your reservations now. Registering on your preferred website gives you the opportunity not only to select your own air tickets, but also to get hotel accommodation, rental cars and even better rebates than would otherwise be possible at a tourist agency.

If you book the reservations yourself, you will be able to organise a tailor-made tour for yourself and your hostess. Select your point of origin. They will want to select the nearest airports to your present position. Maybe you need to either schedule a ride to a large international destination or take a shuttle to one.

You will be informed by the system whether this is necessary, which will be calculated when you select your point of origin. Select your date of travel and the timeframe for your trip. Indicate how many adult and child passengers take this trip and how long you will be staying at your destination.

Please pick your target. Once you have made your choice of departures, please proceed to your chosen destinations. There is a possibility to set an estimated date of your stay and the system will tell you when to leave. Pick your preferred plane. Once you have entered your departures and destinations information, a roster of available departures will be created.

They can be shown by airline, date of destination or departures and fare. As soon as you have chosen a trip, a page for making a debit entry is created. Paid for your reservations. You will be asked for billing information on the transaction page. As soon as the transaction has been completed, you will receive a printable verification page.

Enquire about current safety measures on the airline's website.

Reservation & Ticketing

Qualified Routes may be cancelled without penalties within 24 Stunden of the date of booking, provided the planned sailing period was at least one ( 168) weeks away at the date of making the reservation. Otherwise, all purchase of trips, hotels, cars, any activity or service, luggage and seating costs, associated reservation costs, vehicle dues and tax are non-refundable.

Should you decide to void or modify your booking more than 24hrs after booking, the balance will be given in the shape of a gift certificate. Concrete amount of balance will depend on your route, how long you cancel/change your booking, any price difference and whether you bought your ticket with Trim Flex cover.

There will be no credits if you miss your flights and do not show up at the destination ("no-show"), or for cancellation or change of dates of reservations without the Trip Flexi within 7 business day prior to your scheduled date of travel. Reservations can usually be cancelled on-line. Visit Travel Management, choose the "Cancel trip" item in your travel summary and simply obey the instructions.

Your full balance will be displayed before you confirm your cancelation. Qualifying Reimbursements will be made within 5 to 7 business Days of the date of receipt of the refund. Once a refund is due, we will send you an Allergiant Journey Coupon by e-mail which can be used on-line for your next reservations (provided the journey is complete within one year of the first date of booking).

Credits can also be retrieved from your account at myAllegiant?

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