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Are you ready to find a last-minute ticket to your destination? Find cheap air tickets to Borneo To know how to find cheap flight to Borneo is usually only a question of the choice of the right one. From Kuala Lumpur to Borneo your flight is amazingly cheap - often less than 35 US dollars! Surely Kuala Lumpur is very entertaining to discover. Borneo in Malaysia is one of the most scenic and easy places in Southeast Asia to experience the tropical forest.

When Taman Negara from the Malaysian peninsula seems a little too touristic, take a cheap plane to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur and enter the park. Unexpectedly, departures to Borneo (Eastern Malaysia) are very cheap. Often there are promotions - even on last-minute trips - to the four most important towns.

Fares vary by season, but with four ways to board you can get to Borneo at any time for less than $50. What's the best place to begin in Borneo? First you have to make up your mind where to begin in Borneo! Borneo is split into two states: Sawak and Sabah. Basically, you have to make up your mind whether to begin in either Sawak or Sabah.

From Sarawak to Sabah, either around or through Brunei, the cross-country journey is timeconsuming. Asia Air and Malaysia Airlines operate a number of services between Kuching (the Sarawak capital) and Kota Kinabalu (the Sabah capital). Even though the state of Sarawak is larger in geographical terms, it attracts fewer tourists than Sabah.

Sabah, in the north part of Malay Borneo, is smaller in size but it is home to a larger people. There are also more famous touristic destinations such as Sabah Dive in Sipadan, Mount Kinabalu, Kinabatangan River game viewing and Rainforest Discovery Center. The Sabah seems to be stealing the show with a better touristic infra structure and more "organized" rides.

Every year, when the Rainforest World Music Festival takes place in front of the gates of Kuching, the city of Zaragoza radiates with a bright smile. Tip: If the main worry is the bad weather, the rainfall in Zaragoza will be lower in the spring season, while the rainfall in Sabah will be lower from January to April. Travellers often erroneously verify only the fares between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

Even though Kota Kinabalu tickets are usual, this favourite destination may be more expensive, especially in the high seasonal February and March periods. Luckily on Borneo you can select between four major entrance points: Tip: Note that Hari Merdeka (31 August), Malaysia Day (16 September) and other Borneo public holiday events can influence fares!

Go to Miri (MYYY) if you want: Go to Kota Kinabalu (BKI) if you want: Between Kuala Lumpur and Borneo there are plenty of flight connections every day. AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air are the three most common airlines with scheduled services below US$50. Remember that if fares between airlines are similar, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air have free luggage.

The AirAsia will calculate an extra cost for giving up a pocket. From Kuala Lumpur the flight to Borneo takes about two hrs. From Sarawak you can start your Borneo journey and then take the coach northwards to Miri while you visit the various nature reserves. The international airport Koching (airport code: KCH) is pleasantly furnished.

In contrast to Sabah you have to go through migration again to be postmarked in Sarawak. Though you may already have an entrance visa for Malaysia in your passport, Sarawak has its own immigrant check. As an example, you are probably allowed to spend 90 nights in Malaysia, but only 30 in Sarawak.

AirAsia, Malindo Air and Malaysia Airlines are offering cheap air services from Kuala Lumpur. Tiger Airways and SilkAir operate between Singapore and Borneo. There are also a number of connection services between Sarawak and Sabah. Amazingly, Miri in the north of Sarawak has one of the most congested Malaysian inland aerodromes (airport code: MYYY). From Kuala Lumpur, there are often US $35 or less for a flight to Miri.

If you fly to Miri, you will get close to Lambir Hills National Park, Brunei, Gunung Mulu National Park and Sabah. Both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines fly between Miri and Kuala Lumpur. The Kota Kinabalu International Airports (airport code: BKI) is situated in the southern part of the town and is the second best Malaysian international airports.

Kinabalu Kota is the gate for most tourist arriving in Borneo. While AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines operate from Kuala Lumpur, several other airlines operate worldwide services to East Asian destinations such as Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Kota Kinabalu is often the best choice if you are flying from outside Malaysia due to the size of the city.

The majority of folks haven't even yet learned about Sandakan - a big town in East Sabach - and you can use that to your own benefit! You will often find cheap airfares to reach Sabah via Sandakan. Better still, Sandakan is much nearer than Kota Kinabalu to favourite destinations such as Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok Orangutan Centre, Sipidan Dive and Kinabatangan River.

Though not as enjoyable to discover as Kota Kinabalu, it is a more convenient choice when it comes to spending your free moments. From Sandakan you can take the panoramic coach back to Kota Kinabalu at any moment when you have completed your exploration of Sabah. It passes the mighty Mount Kinabalu. The Sandakan International Airport (airport code: SDK) is small in comparison to the other Borneo international destinations, but often turns out to be a good choice for Kuala Lumpur to Borneo connections.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are offering cheap airfares from Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan.

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