Where to Book Cheap International Flights

How can I book cheap international flights?

Are last-minute flights dead in the age of low-cost airlines? Today it is much more difficult to fly at the front of the plane without paying a lot of money. Travel STA is a similar company, so check the fares on their website.

Five things you need to know about Cairo

Although it can be frantic and noisy, there is a good explanation why Cairo is regarded as the jewel of the Nile, and once you get used to its environment, it has a singular allure. As soon as you have seen the attractions and the colourful roads of Cairo, you can take a full days excursion on a Nile down the Nile on a ferry boat and see things from a different view.

Further westwards you can also explore one of the world' s miracles, the Gizeh' Mountains, or drive southwards to the Valley of the Magi, where you will find the grave of Tutankhamun. When it comes to dining, Cairo offers a wide selection of Egypt, Oriental and West dishes that are perfectly suited to end the fun in this mystic town.

When you travel to Cairo for the first in your life, here are five things you should know before you pack your bags: Here you will find everything you need to know when travelling from the USA to Cairo, complete with timetables and immigration rules. New York JFK is the only US international airline offering flights directly to Cairo, where the flights will take about ten and a half hour.

Flights indirectly take longer from where you fly, so contact one of our tour guides who will be pleased to help you find the best itinerary for you. U.S. nationals traveling to Cairo require a visas to Egypt and can obtain a 30-day extendable visas on entering the country for a US$25 charge or a multiple-entry visas for US$35.

You can, however, obtain a pre-trip tourist visas from an Egypt diplomatic mission or an Egypt diplomatic mission. EgyptAir currently only offers non-stop flights to Cairo (from New York), although many of them provide non-stop flights, among them: The Cairo airport is Cairo International Airport (CAI), based in Heliopolis, about 14 nautical miles north east of town.

When you first visit Cairo, it can be a little bit overpowering and you may wonder what the main landmarks and rides are, so here are our ten Cairo Must-Dos: Contact one of our knowledgeable and courteous tour operators, who will be pleased to help you book your tour and help with hotel and rental services if you need to.

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