Multi Stopover International Flights

International Multi-Stopover Flights

"The "Multi-City" flight search mask can also search for and book open-jaw flights. Book flights on-line - Stops in several cities - TravelSmarts One thing that is still a pain is the ability to book flights on-line if you want to stop at different places on the way, the so-called multi-city stopover itinerary. Of course, there are some favourite on-line agencies - such as Expedia and Webjet - but it's still very difficult to find flights that work for you in terms of hours and costs on the day you want to work.

One option has non-stop flights, the other goes via large junctions that add useless extra day to the journey, the other arrives at around noon ( best to avoid in my experience). It proves to be really tough and really time-consuming when you try to figure it out. On the phone I contacted a much-loved regional carrier whose advisor was extremely useful, but even she proposed that I try one of the on-line agencies as they could not help with what I was trying to do.

It is " easy " enough to buy the different sector on-line as a one-way ticket as long as none of them needs to establish a link. When you miss a call due to an air carrier late and the reservations are not connected, you can stay high and dry then - the linking air carrier has no liability to take you on another air journey as it did not cause the late arrival a priori.

Most of the tariffs available on-line are inexpensive, rigid and non-refundable. In the last year I did some domestic flights via Orbitz, a favorite US on-line tour operator. However, when I tried to do my pre-flight check-in on-line, there was no recording of my reservation; even when I came to the terminal, they still had difficulty locating a recording of me.

Some heartbreaking memories came when I thought I was trapped in an inspiring garbage canyon at Lake Titicaca and missed my running flights. Attempting to call Orbitz support from outside the USA when I had to switch flights was also tough and terribly aching. Sometimes in our beautiful new virtual environment it is great to be able to chat with an old fashioned agency.

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