Helicopter Rental new York

New York Helicopter Rental

Transfers are possible between Manhattan and the four major airports in the New York region and between each airport. Hubschrauber Charter Rates Hire a helicopter to the Hamptons! Get a helicopter shuttle to the airfield. Chopper charters from New York to Atlantic City, Hamptons and beyond! Our non-stop helicopter services fly us out of downtown Manhattan Heyport, the West 1930 Street V.

I.P., the East 300th Street Holiport and Fairfield, New Jersey.

24 hour a days, 7 working day a week, our staff is there to cover your helicopter needs. The rates quoted apply to travel from downtown Manhattan Airport, West30th Street and East35th Street airports. In the event of cancellation less than 24hrs prior to the planned date of travel, as well as in the event of no-show, 100% of the cost of the ticket will be charged.

For all helicopter charters the meteorological conditions are important. Delayed travellers are liable for ticket and park charges. Any passenger arriving more than 15 mins later than the planned pick-up rate will be billed at $400 per hours.

New York Helicopter Charter | NYC Airports

We are the premier helicopter operator in New York, supporting our customers in all their aviation, commercial and recreational needs. Air transport professionals can meet a range of specific requirements that include floor transport, baggage handling, photographic services and caterers. In order to offer you the best possible expertise, we only work with the best regional suppliers.

Spare these valuable moments for the more subtle things in your lives by shuttle helicopter between your home and work. With our long-haul helicopter/commuter helicopter programmes we offer the best solutions for frequently used aircraft. Buy all your tickets in anticipation at a reduced price and take precedence over everyone else, a true benefit in the main tourist seasons.

Our services include up to 6 month advanced termination and minimum administration effort in comparison to single trip bookings. You can also take advantage of our many partnership opportunities with luxurious suppliers so that you can enjoy your lessons in many entertaining and thrilling ways. Choppers can disembark on open air grounds, car parks, greens, courtyards and other places, not just airfields and helicports.

To land off-airport, a secure place of at least 100 ft x 100 ft, flat and free from obstacles, tree and cable is required. It also requires the permission of the owners and the community. You are not allowed to make off-airport moorings within the 5 districts of New York City (excluding designation New York City International and New York City International airfields and heliports), on the roofs of Manhattan or in the Hamburg area.

New Jersey off-airport arrivals must be approved by the New Jersey Department of Transportation at least 10 business days prior to departure.

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