Learjet 55 for Sale

Learjet 55 for sale

Learjet 55 for sale. Bombardier's Learjet 55 was built with a larger cabin (for up to 10 people) than the earlier 20 and 30 Series models. 2 LEARJET 55 SERIES aircraft for sale. Rent, buy or charter a Learjet 55C. Also known as the Bombardier Learjet 55C, the Learjet 55C is a mid-size twin-engine business jet developed by Gates Learjet Corporation, now Bombardier Aerospace of Canada.

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Seven (7) passengers have a forward side with two (2) spaces, followed by four (4) spaces for the clubs and a separate (1) forward side seat. Every one of the singles stools is made of brown coloured leathers and has extendable trays made of sycamore. Other interiors included pale bluish carpets, creme coloured cowl side walls and headliners, cupboards in solid oak and veneered with golden coatings.

Inside was renovated in June 2006. White jumpsuit with gold and blue accent stripes. A new colour in June 2006. otherwise { window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer |||||| [] ; window.dataLayer.push({'event' :'formSubmissionSuccess','formId' :'frmContactRequest' }) ; scrollToElement('#vifscrollto_id') ; resetContactRequestFormFields() ; $('#divContactRequestEquestEquestError').

Learjet 55 for sale

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The Learjet 55B is a wonderful Learjet with a renovated cabin and appealing paintwork, both finished in 2009. Enhanced ER petrol tanks and the option of higher total weight on previous model versions give this glider enhanced load capacities. Honeywell's TFE731-3AR-3B thrusters are fitted with Aeronca thrusters and included in the MSP Gold service programme.

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